Komarken Electronics - Granular Material ep inkl. The Exaltics rmx

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      Komarken Electronics – Granular Material EP – Solar One Music 14

      Straight after the fall of Earth, an era of peace succeeded a period of violence and death. Totally controlled, mankind entered in a time of complete domination while the last pockets of resistance were definitively annihilated. En route to conquer new solar systems, SOM ambassadors Robert Witschakowski and Nico Jagiella decided to appoint a supreme governor in order to rule the blue planet in their absence. Called Komarken Electronics, this mysterious yet merciless entity from beyond quickly became the most terrific nightmare of the human race (Tbc).

      After much success on Stilleben structure, Komarken Electronics makes his debut vinyl release on Solar One Music. Following two remarkable appearances on essential “Stranges Tales From The Future” and “SOM Vol. 3” compilations, the Swedish producer, author of the Unhöerbar Collector Series Red Edition, returns to the Jena structure with a fresh audio approach to fuse with talent electro and techno bass influences. Offering an ace collection of much anticipated cuts ranging from deep to new school electro, stupendous “Granular Material EP” features six incredible songs, all of them carrying nice synthetic melodies with Detroit roots.

      Opening the 12’’ with oldschoolish reminiscences, inspired title track "Granular Material"12’’ on A side showcases a cutting edge music based upon cosmic strings, great electric layers, dancefloor beats and unique programming. With its subtle retro pop sounding, bubbling “Science Saved Us”, coming next, serves up a heading synthetic tune merging warm strings to percussive drums, striking staccatos and solid bassline. Wicked!

      Going a step further into the dark side of sound, classic “Test Tube Funk” on the reverse offers a forward thinking piece of electro, made of Sci Fi layers over clear synth lines while emotive “Spaciousness”, enhanced with smooth beats and light modulations, displays a milestone of a funky gem in Komarken’s own signature. Top notch! Ending the EP on atmospheric notes, organic "Moonlight Beat", a tremendous song with luminous pads sequences, sounds like a cold night immersing planet Earth into darkness forever.

      Packaged in a smokey clear vinyl and accompanied with a stunning rework of “Spaciousness” by The Exaltics, turning the original into a timeless classic, this stricly limited release is nothing sort of excellent. Must have!

      12’’, electro
    • Komarken Electronics;52291 wrote:

      Thank you Nexus6, we are very happy for that review!
      Really appreciated! :headspin:

      Just a note, Stilleben is not our own structure it is all the work of mr eargoggle himself and we just had the great opportunity to release our debut on his label.
      And so everybody knows, Stilleben is back 2011 so lookout! :blaster:

      You're welcome :) Thanks for the info regarding Stilleben!! I edited the review 8-)
      Keep up the good work, your sound is wonderful.
    • here you can find my review

      Title: Granular Material
      Format: 12"
      Label: Solar One Music
      One year after the CD release on Unhoerbar (Solar One Music sublabel) and the release of "Breed For Perfection" digital self produced EP, Komarken Electronics is back with his first release on vinyl. GRANULAR MATERIAL contains five new Komarken Electronics tracks plus a remix by The Exaltics. The EP opens with a main track that instantly leads the listener through research lab corridors courtesy of obsessive rhythm patterns, fast monophonic bass lines, long synth pads and melodic lead parts. "Science Saved Us" is a perfect electro tune with mysterious atmospheres and catchy melodies. It has a cinematic approach and mixes well all the sound elements. The Exaltics remix of "Spaciousness" picks up the main Komarken Electronics elements (cinematic atmospheres, cool electro sounds, cured rich rhythm section and catchy minimal melodies) and enhances its anxious side. "Test Tube Funk" opens the B side with hard beats and upfront fat bass lines. Synth pads and melodic leads are added soon after to create a counterpart to the rhythm by creating a strong blend of melodic arpeggios and beats. The original version of "Spaciousness" (which was also on the label's latest compilation) creates a nice 'suspended in time' effect thanks to the alternation of melodic lines of bass, pads & leads. "Moonlight beat" closes this cool EP with an atmospheric electro mid-tempo tune which made me recall some Gosub instrumentals. Komarken Electronics is really good at mixing rhythmical and melodic elements finding a good balance between the hypnotic dance side and the home listener approach. If you'd like to purchase one of the 200 copies of this clear vinyl EP, act fast! If you are strapped for cash, you can purchase it directly from Solar One Music for 12€ p+p included.
      (Proofread by Johan Sebastian Bot)
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