March 2011 newsletter...

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    • March 2011 newsletter...

      An Incoming Transmission from

      Hi everyone,

      It is our 2nd year anniversary since we re-launched the site, and we have a very special feature this month. Morphogenetic is back with his 3rd feature for the site since 2004! Utilizing 12" vinyl, and a Traktor Scratch Timecode vinyl set up, he brings us what can only be described as a perfect example of how Vinyl and digital can live harmoniously side by side. Mixing in the latest 12" cuts from artists like Blastromen, and Umwelt, he also brings in some newly released and unreleased digital songs by Kosmozo, MicroControlUnit, Sync 24, as well as a sneak peek into some of the songs that will be on Techno Bass Music's new release "Techno Bass Is Back!". Don't miss this unique set by Morphogenetic!

      The artist highlight this month is on one of the Detroit Techno Bass legends, Posatronix. Releasing on the labels Direct Beat, Puzzlebox, Databass, and Cratesavers Muzik, Posatronix has brought us many hits like "Pure Techno Sound", "Shake It", and "Dance". Read more into his background and find out more about one of the true unsung heroes of the Detroit Techno Bass scene.

      The record review goes into Mike Ash's new release on Electrocat Records, "Electrotechno Vol. 1". This new digital E.P. features four delightful songs, all carrying a similar intensity, but ranging in styles from old school Rave, to Miami Techno Bass. A veteran of the Electronic music scene under many different pseudonyms, Mike Ash has turned to the sounds of Techno Bass music after having spent much of his time in the early '90s doing Breakbeats, Techno, and Hardcore; displaying an obvious know-how over his productions, and in many ways retaining that early era sound which has been lost in the productions of many of today's artists. Read more!

      Don't forget about the groups feature. We must apologize for the problem that we had, which was not allowing members to create them. All is fixed now, and it would be great to see groups on things like '80s Hip Hop, Electro Funk, Miami Bass, Detroit Techno, etc.

      Enjoy the updates!

      The Team