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    • a new electro site online

      Hey Doctor, I have visited your site a few times since its conception and it looks very promising but I have a couple of problems with it.First of all, I dont want to appear negative but sorry to be blunt the name of the site is terrible (due to its connections with drugs) and will put a lot of people off going there in the first place,if you want the site it to be successful change the name immediately.secondly why do you need to log in immediately to access the forum,I feel this would put a lot of people of visiting it.Its obvious you have a love and knowledge for the old school and this comes across well ,what do other people feel about my comments? keep up the good work though youll get ther in the end ;)
    • a new electro site online

      hi yoda thx for your words and true oppinions.

      i think the site IS successful, i prefer quality instead of quantity of the members, and i really can say, the most members of the forum are top class, some personal friends.
      i think the name is ok, i dont care about the name of a website, the important thing for me is the content.
      Even if the Design is not perfect, and the name is not everyones taste (it seems ;D ), the Site serve the purpose.

      why do you think you need to log in immediately to join the forum ???
      i dont understand...
    • a new electro site online

      Doctor ,I know people have mentioned the name of the site in the past. I see you want to keep the name but anything relating to drugs will put people a lot of off plus it has nothing to do with the content of the site ie electro/oldschool/vocoders etc..If you were interested in old school rap etc.. and went to look for it on the internet by way of a search engine such as google.Im pretty sure it would not come up with crack kills.Would you have a record store called Crack kills?On a more positive note I do like the design and content of the site though.