April 2011 Technobass.net newsletter...

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    • April 2011 Technobass.net newsletter...

      Hi everyone,

      April is finally here, and this month we bring you an exciting feature by the mysterious female artist, "Shadowbunny". Shadowbunny is an ongoing Electronic Dance Music project since the year 2000 of Molly Phipps, from North Carolina. This month, she brings us a magnificent collection of unique compositions, using only a Korg Electribe ESX. Get her set now from the Mixes/Sets section!

      This month we delve back into the label highlights, bouncing back to Miami, and talking about one of their most prolific Electro/Techno Bass labels in the new school scene, Devine Disorder. Since 2009, Miami's Devine Disorder Records has had an onslaught of releases from many new artists that have become staple household Electro names, like R21, Zerodouble, Magnetic Bass Force, Rawtary, Prototype, and many more. Read more into this fantastic label!

      The record review talks about a fantastic new collaboration between Aux 88 and Dynamik Bass System. Coming together as "Heliopause", the two groups create here a classic, yet futuristic rendition of Detroit Techno Bass; with a little West Coast flavor. Read more!

      A couple important new things to talk about are "Like" buttons, and the upcoming Design Studio feature for your pages. We have incorporated Facebook, as well as site "Like" buttons, that allow you to not just like content here on the site, but also shares your favorites on your Facebook page with just the click of a button. Also, coming soon will be a feature called "Design Studio", which allows you to have much more control over how you design your page, giving you countless new features, as well as many new templates...Stay tuned!

      Enjoy the updates!

      The Technobass.net team