newsletter: DeFeKT, Komarken Electronics, Mesak...

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    • newsletter: DeFeKT, Komarken Electronics, Mesak...

      Hi everyone,

      This month we have a fantastic treat for you from a name that has been gaining lots of notoriety in the scene over the past year or so. Matthew Flanagan is without question one of the most dedicated and exciting artists to watch for these days. As the man behind DeFeKT and ESS, he has recently released two astonishing 12" records, "Stimulus", as DeFeKT on his own imprint "Takeover Recordings", and "Machine Talk", as ESS, on Umwelt's New Flesh imprint. This live set, recorded exclusively for, combines material from both of his projects, and also showcases 3 previously unreleased tracks. This is a true delight and a unique feature for that you simply cannot dismiss. Get his set now from the Mixes/Sets section!

      This month we hop back over to our artist highlights, going into yet another name that has become quite infamous over the past few years, Komarken Electronics. Since 2007, Komarken Electronics has been one of those names that mysteriously keeps popping up everywhere you go and with everyone you talk to about Electro music. Based out of Kungälv, Sweden, this artist has had a subtle, yet consistent momentum of releases on various labels like Stilleben Records, Solar One Music, Black Montanas, and just recently, Dominance Electricity.

      The record review checks out Mesak's new release on Ghost Technology, "Cycle Of 12". Eight melodic, dancefloor friendly songs that bring together influences from artists like Kraftwerk, and labels like Mikrolux Records, taking you on a journey through vibrant synthetic soundscapes where things aren't always what they appear to be. This release does not nail down a particular style, rather it builds upon itself, sometimes deviating into uncharted territories; creating a very unique selection of tunes for your listening and dancing pleasures. Read more about this exciting new release by one of the former members of Mr. Velcro Fastener!

      Enjoy the updates, see you next month with yet another amazing live set that we have in store for you!

      The Team