Energun Records

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    • Energun Records

      The first
      release of the label is represented by four Energun Records and the newest
      dance hits techno project Energun. Energun is a project of the Belarus country
      of blue lakes and big factories. Techno Energun - a melodic nature and rigidity
      of machine tools for metal!

      Roughhouse - Uncompromising experiment with distortion Roland TB-303 and
      aggressive bassline. Work immediately makes it clear that there is talk about serious
      things, and no beating around the bush, just crazy techno dancing. Gorgeous
      techno thriller for Dj, who want to rock the dancefloor!

      Twist - compared to more smooth differ Roughhouse character bits, and classic techno
      sound. For real fans of old school techno!

      Germ - successfully develops the classic atmosphere Twist. Metallic sounds monotonous
      and machine-bit carry deep into the labyrinths of the subconscious hypnotic. One of the best options for any dance floor!

      Spaceman - the final track release. Harmonious symbiosis virtuoso work with filters of
      classic analog synthesizers and enveloping and confident techno beat. Track
      gradually brings us to the ground where a lot of work. On the machines ...

      An excellent release for the dancefloor! Bit to bit!


      Releasedate: August 8th 2011.


    • [ENR02] Energun - Trigger Happy EP

      An energetic start “Trigger-happy” second official release Energun Records
      demonstrates the best aspects of classic tehnosound. Tense, but together
      so confident bassline successfully balances the elements deep.
      Throughout the Trigger-happy gaining emotional momentum, as well keeps the mood and character development is perfect for techno set!

      “The brain's acceleration” continues to delight fans of this
      oldschool techno. His dramatic track just fascinating! Clear, sound lab mechanisms gradually transformed into a conscious sound intelligent machines. Thus are born robots!

      We can say that even the most “The Engineering intuition” track release. The emotional palette sharpened around the main analog bassline. This music is more often called "smart" techno, as at first glance, the dynamics of attitudes expressed by avarice makes its focus on inner world. But at the same time thought the track does not stand still. Bass sequences interwoven with classical sound second by second bit appears in new forms. In the best traditions of style!

      "Iron" under “The Key-winding” finalizes new job techno engineers Energun. Track is very bright. In their dynamics and the mood he ideal suited to bring in a state of euphoria huge raves! Just have to be in the playlist any self-respecting techno DJ.


      Releasedate: October 17th 2011.

    • [ENR03] Lokodepo - Metro EP

      Going stay the course - to promote high-quality, classic techno sound, Energun Records label to your attention the Russian project Lokodepo.

      Along with the traditional sounds of analog synthesizers, the band skillfully and meticulouslyworking with spatial effects, which makes the tracks Lokodepo incredible depth and mystery.Calm, confident but with an unexpected climax bit towards the end of the track (Metro) onlyincreases the degree of the atmosphere in the dance club Ich tanze fur Sie. A classicexample of a powerful old school tehnosaunda - Die bewegung der molekule keepsaccelerating the movement of molecules in solution at the level of emotion ectasia. FinalAnod brings us into a zone of peace "smart" technology, leaving a long "aftertaste" harmony of sound and thought.



      Releasedate: December 5th 2011.

    • [ENR04] Energun - Puzzle man EP

      The fourth release Energun Records presented full tracks "regular" production.
      At the entrance to the factory Energun, we were met by Puzzle Man. After becoming acquainted with the safety instructions, he warns us the maximum level of classic techno in the inner atmosphere.
      On our way - conveyor-flame shop Blaze Soul, abrasive metal parts of analog sounds, while synthesizing them into an experimental fusion of secret space technology.
      The new version of the track Trigger happy (the original of which was presented in the second release Energun Records) finalizes our journey. Impressions will remain for a long time!



      Releasedate: December 5th 2011.

    • [ENR05] PCP - Damper EP

      PCP - Damper EP

      The fifth release Energun records represents a new direction of techno, which appeared inSt. Petersburg in 2011. Dark hypnotic melodies, inhibited 90bpm to swinging a heavy technobeat and grinding bass. So the creators Somatik describe his creation. Two tracks from the new wave of techno legislators, the St. Petersburg project PCP (Damper and Metal Clouds)remixes by famous artists and projects. Release in style was not limited Somatik sound.Each of the musicians (Alex Rexob, Oudio, Lokodepo, Pagalve, Galet) gave a version of the track its own unique flavor.


      Releasedate: February 13th 2012.


    • [ENR06] Energun - Hardware universe EP

      Energun - Hardware universe EP

      The sixth release Enrgun Records continues to successfully previously taken a course on classical techno. Four tracks (Hardware universe - Pulse of energy - Dann wird es - Immer in bewegung), presented by the founders of the label project Energun - a real surprise for true connoisseurs of the genre. Sounds of legendary analog synths get on with today's digital sequences, and a powerful rhythm foundation that hath revealed an urgent-sounding release from Nordic nature old-school techno.



      Releasedate: 5 March, 2012

    • [ENR007] Lokodepo - Die vergessenen zivilisationen EP

      Lokodepo - Die vergessenen zivilisationen EP

      The next release of Energun Records resubmitted project Lokodepo. The release includes three tracks from the musician's an ancient Russian city of Vologda. Style Lokodepo - an attention to detail tracks with well-developed spatial sound. This is another surprise for all fans of real Techno.



      Release date: 2 April, 2012

    • [ENR008] Stanislav Tolkachev - Creation from nothing EP

      Energun Records proudly presents its eighth release, which is represented by a brilliant representative of techno movement of Ukraine Stanislav Tolkachev! Producer already known for his unreleased tracks on Funquedroppings (USA), Pohjola (Sweden), Subsist, Labrynth (Spain), Aftertaste (UK), Fullpanda (Germany). His work mixes were lit in such stars as Surgeon, Pacou, Mike Parker, Inigo Kenedy, Grovskopa, Nick Dunton, Kriz (token), and many others. Himself an artist in a frequent guest lineup famous clubs in Europe, including the legendary TRESOR.
      Surprisingly, in our time of advanced soft-technology is a supporter of Stanislaw "iron" Productions and analog sound. This approach is reflected in the creation of music on the company's sound of his tracks.
      Before - original intro with stunning pulsing sequences. The track is deprived of any of a bit, but it does not deprive him of a deep hypnotic mood.
      Stop Killing Techno - the familiar vibration of analog sequencers take the form of concentrating the mind on certain images. This music is not only good for the dancefloor, but for the meditative immersion into their inner world.
      Wasp - Brighter and "sharp" sound with respect to the previous tracks, but branded soft Drum Section frequency balances the overall picture of the tracks, creating a soft soundscape.
      Often Enough - a logical resolution of the three previous works, which makes the release of the conceptual design. Bit disguised as seemingly chaotic party analog synthesizers. It seems that the track live their lives, the music as it breathes, making you think and feel simultaneously.
      Proof - a kind of epilogue. In the mood continues Often Enough. A delicate balance on the brink of Intelligent Dance Music in the final release poses no point of a dot, with a promise to get back to us with a new, intelligent and high-quality music.



      release date: 2012-04-23


    • [ENR009] Energun - Inside the projection EP

      Energun Records presents its 9th release. At this time, label owners - techno project Energun give all the fans of this techno minimalist and conceptual sound design adjusted to the best traditions of the genre. Sticky and slightly overloaded bits, mingling with the mean and cool analog synthesis, creating an unforgettable hypnoticatmosphere of "smart" techno.



      release date: 2012-05-07

    • [ENR010] Ne-Tek - Neurons EP

      10 Anniversary Release Energun Records broke beyond techno label, presented talented electro musician from Minsk - Ne - Tek. Excellent work embodied in a 5-track (Neurons, OutWare ExistenZe, Digitalk, NetScapes. CorruptedData) with crystal clear sound. As a producer he says his music he creates exclusively on iron hardware.
      Each song in its own dramatic, with a logical beginning, development and ending. Music Ne - Tek more contemplative than the dance. These five tracks - like the five stories collected in one book, one wants to read more than once.


      release date: 21 May, 2012

    • [ENR011] Energun - Schattenbild EP - Energun Records

      Surely maintaining the brand label currently producing techno, Energun Records presents its 11th release, all produced by his masters - the project Energun.
      4 tracks (Schattenbild, Transition point, Space octopus, Classification of deviations) have a soft, springy, and spectacular sound. The structures of the compositions are verified thoroughly and logically developed. With this release, the musicians stepped to a new level of creativity and this event should not pass by the true connoisseurs of the genre TECHNO!!!



      RELEASE DATE: 2012-06-04


    • [ENR012] UVL - Vier EP

      The 12th release of the draft Energun Records - UVL. A young techno producer from Belarus belongs to the so-called second wave of techno Minsk. His somber sound thoughtful and filled with industrial attitudes. A musician as it conveys emotions through sounds, making it tracks sincere and full of meaning. Along with all of the above, the music is put on a confident UVL rate basis. An excellent choice for the dancefloor.



      release date: 25 June, 2012

    • [ENR013] Energun - Mental chronicle EP

      Energun Records presents a new work from Energun.13-th release included the three tracks that have new, urgent techno sound. Earlier Energun has never sounded so! The soft, hypnotic mood is supported from track to track, but around the rod melancholic framework, like a coiled spring collected energy, ready at any moment to break out. It comes in small doses, in the most relevant points, and then concealed in a beautiful and deep sounds. But not for long, only to increase the emotional degree. Balancing on the brink of “Mental chronicle”, “Mobile molecules”, “Reincarnation” merging into a conceptual order, do not give a distraction than a second. This is another reason to hear that the project Energun - it's a whole new step in the pilot study, an intelligent, new and current Techno!
      Support by: Dave Clarke, Thomas Hessler, Logotech, Luke Creed, Paul Boex, DVS1, Bas Mooy, Bill Youngman, Andreas Kraemer, Derek Pitral, Darkmode,George le Nagelaux, Roberto Figus, Monocraft, Concrete Djz, Positive Merge, Vadz and other.



      release date: 9 July, 2012

    • [ENR014] Lokodepo - Die neue ankunft EP

      Vologda techno project Lokodepo continues his experiments in the 15th release Energun Records. Thoroughbred and plot techno embodied in the four new works - Der Einfall, Der Vergessenheit, Die neue ankunft. Along with the new sample-based experiments, the musician remains true to the mood in the construction of sound. Fascinating sequences in harmony with the thoughtful and soft serve followers of the cult bit true techno delicious delicacy on a holiday, and this quality electronic music!
      Supported by: Paul Mac, Coefficient, Samuli Kemppi, Mattias Fridell, Vadz, Vegim, Roberto Figus, Dj Mita, Luke Creed, Patrick DSP, Audio Injector, Unam Zetineb, DVS1, Luca Pagani aka Electrorites, Anderson Noise, Lance Blaise, Derek Pitral, Raíz Acid, Spark Taberner and more other.



      release date: 23 July, 2012

    • ENR015 Energun - Substitution of reality EP

      Continuing to work in the study of classic techno sound Energun Records presents the 15th release of traditionally created their patrons. Tracks project Energun as always concise, transparent, and yet very energy intensive. Along with the traditional in his trademark sound of "Substitution of reality" and "Hot bits", the final "Inner sense of change" is embodied in a sudden atmospheric palette of sounds that should be a real surprise for fans of the classic "intelligent techno".
      Support by: Dave Clark , Mattias Fridell, Dj Mays, Angel Molina, DJ MITA, Luke Creed, Dj Haverbek, Positive Merge, Nelman , UNAM ZETINEB (UZB), Derek Pitral, Peder , DVS1, Anderson Noise, Steve Doug and other


      release date: 6 August, 2012

    • [ENR016] Lokodepo - Die Sanduhr EP

      Lokodepo - Die Sanduhr EP – Energun Records
      Vologda techno project Lokodepo continues his sound experiments in the 15th release Energun Records. Thoroughbred and plot techno embodied in the four new works - Die Sanduh, Die neue Umwandlung, Der Sonnenuntergang, Die lustige Zeit. Along with the new sample-based experiments, the musician remains true to the mood in the construction of sound. Fascinating sequences in harmony with the thoughtful and soft serve followers of the cult bit true techno delicious delicacy on a holiday, and this quality electronic music!
      Support by: Dave Clark, Ingo Kennedy, A. Paul, Krenzlin, UNAM ZETINEB (UZB), Deejay Ogi, Monocraft, Luke Creed, Concrete Djz, Dj Zé Mig.L, Raíz, Coefficient, Nelman, Anderson Noise, Vadz, Electrorites, Derek Pitral , Coefficient, Roberto Figus and other…


      release date: 20 August, 2012

    • [ENR019] Energun - The limit function EP

      Energun confidence continues to delight his fans quality techno. 19 release coming out on his own label project Energun Records presented a mixed style of music. Along with the classic sound uncompromising neighbor is already experimenting with the traditional "smart" technology. Developing this theme, you can allocate a separate track "Dysfunction", where the original sounds are in a kind of chaos is gradually arranged in an orderly, logical structure. A great release for fans of interesting and relevant music!
      Support by: Dave Clark, Ingo Kennedy, Paul Mac, A. Paul, Mattias Fridell, , Raíz Acid, Darkmode, Vegim , Plan-e, Concrete Djz, Logotech, 88uw, Torsten Kanzler, Andrew Monocraft, Deejay Ogi, Dj Haverbek, Nelman, UNAM ZETINEB (UZB), Derek Pitral, , Tyler Smith, Rusk , Gabeen, Anderson Noise, Sebastian Bayne, Electrorites, Steve Doug and other.


      release date: 8.10.2012

    • [ENR020] City of Machine - Mentally Unstable EP

      20 Energun Records release is basically represented by the work of the Ukrainian project City of Machine. A major industrial atmosphere, which was in Mentally Unstable and Regenwurm was transformed into a different remixes of Eugene and Positive Merge. News is now "smart" techno, here represented in the powerful structure of the sounds in the synthesis of a tradition for musicians from Odessa, atmospheric approach to the processing drum. An excellent choice for supporters of the dark side of Techno sound.


      release date :2012-10-22

    • [ENR021] Energun - Cybernetic EP

      Twenties Energun Records releases offer represented creators of the label. Maze of deep tones firmly entrenched in the classic techno structures immersed in a hypnotic trip crystal sound sequences. Has already become a hallmark Energun classic techno, here presented in new colors, with soft shades wrapped in a mood. Thanks to a very rigorous approach to the composition structure of the plot tracks, music Energun the 21st release has become more wise and interesting!


      release date: 2012-11-05