Weapons of Bass Destruction[INBASSUCANTFUCKMYBITCH]2011-October-18

    • Mix/Podcast

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    • Weapons of Bass Destruction[INBASSUCANTFUCKMYBITCH]2011-October-18


      1.Ard2 - Intro
      2.Disco Bitch (Max Durante Italbass Version)
      3.Pip Williams - Test Lab 1
      4.Mike Ash - Stop the Machines
      5.Uknown - Miami Calling
      6.Dexter - Great Northern Diver (Original Version)
      7.Hydraulix - Low Endz
      8.Hydraulix - Hydrospace
      9.The Hidden Persuader - Dancing Machine (DVS NME remix)
      10.Pip Williams - Natural Instinct
      11.Unknown - b2 Detroit Technodubb
      12.Hydraulix - Nocturnal
      13.Metacomplex - Hybrid Enzymes (DVS NME remix)
      14.David Rottmeyer - Logo 81(The Exaltics Remix)
      15.Deemphasis - Digital Sparks
      16.Ctrl.Alt.Del - Nightvision GPS Updated
      17.Mike Ash - Red Eye Robot
      18.Deemphasis - Disconnect Me


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [CHEXWITHROBOTS] 2011-October-25

      1.Perc - Choice (Intro)
      2.Diplomat - My Cyborg
      3.Diplomat - Get Your Ass To Mars
      4.Darkmode - Master Control
      5.214_electro - Yellow Jackets
      6.Plastikman - Ask Yourself 214_electro Remix
      7.Outer Orbit Operations - Jake Mackenzie
      8.Boris Divider - Mirror
      9.The Outsider - Destroyer of Worlds
      10.214_electro - Antarctica
      11.R21 - Atomic Breakdown (extended mix)
      12.The Outsider - I Am The Outsider
      13.BFX - Whatchu Need
      14.Betek - Heimlich Maneuver
      15.Hardfloor - You Know the Score (Boris Divider Remix)


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [BORN2FREAK] 2011-October-29

      1.Uhu - Space Kid Song
      2.Alpha 606 - Rise of Human Being
      3.UHU - Aquatezaya
      4.Kan3da - Outputvector
      5.Jauzas the Shining - Suspicion
      6.Unknown - The spores are coming
      7.Stu Phillips - Knight Rider (Meka Remix)
      8.Meka - Transmistation
      9.Jauzas the Shining - Strange Partical (Electroberlin Remix)
      10.Party People - Phat Chex
      11.Jauzas The Shining - Leave Me A Message
      12.Hadamard - Bonus Beats
      13.AS1 - Within Me
      14.214_electro - Eye Thoughts (Exzakt Remix)
      15.Moonlight - Jubilee
      16.Hellboy - The Pit
      17.Aux 88 - Control Panels - DJ Xed Crobot Crew Remix


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [VIBE-RATOR] 2011-October-31

      1.Intro - Dntel - Anywhere Anyone (Pearson Sound Beatless Reduction)
      2.Orson Bramley (Transparent Sound) - Las Vegas [Dreamland Control Intercept]
      3.Point-B - Fossils
      4.DJ Natural Nate - 140 Ways Natural Nate Bruise Your Body Breaks
      5.Unknown - Work Dat Ran
      6.Romplex - The mission
      7.Scarletron - Erazin (Fictional Character Remix)
      8.Code Rising - End Of Line Rmx
      9.Bass Power - Floorkilla
      10.Jake Mackenzie - Terminate
      11.Transparent Sound - Freaks Frequency (Mr Velcro Fastener Remix)
      12.JRapp - Enjoying These Awkward Mornings
      13.Dj4s0 - Electro situations
      14.Transparent Sound - Numb in the face
      15.Transparent Sound - Freaks Frequency (S.A.E.F.F. Remix)
      16.Stan Parker - Leather and sweat
      17.Thomas Kress - Area of Constant Frequencies
      18.Mike Ash - Freak Out
      19.Aphex Twin vs Run Jeremy - Windowlicker (Trentemoller Re-Edit)

    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [BASSYOURASS] 2011-NOVEMBER-1

      1. Wreck - On Top of Bass
      2. PipWilliams - Man vs Machine
      3.Ran-D - Automatic
      4.Jay Walker - Rebel Pro Rockers - Winning
      5. Unknown
      6. Ran-D & Mekka - Call Back 2
      7. Ran-D vs Bass Addict. - BassD
      8. Nodataavailable - Terror from the Deep!
      9. Floorkilla - Just Let It Go
      10.Phat Chex - Hopeless State
      11.Ran-D - Groove
      12. Code Rising - Gotta Have Soul
      13. BFX - Alone2007
      14.The Hidden Persuader - Dancing Machine (DVS NME remix)
      15. Satamile - Only Electro Music
      16. Floorkilla - Work It Out
      17.Robots On Acid - How Could Any Race Be So Stupid (DVS NME remix)
      18.Code Rising - Visual Contact
      19.Scape One - Life System

    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [MACHOCAT] 2011-NOVEMBER-7

      1.Secret Frequency Crew - Miami Eyes (Andrea Parker Mix)
      2.Oxia - Le Temps
      3.Noob - Spell Maelstrom Remix
      4.Neonicle - I Dream (Biosensor Fail Remix by Datacrashrobot)
      5.Model 500 - Ofi
      6.Transparent Sound - Strip Lit Sex
      7.Sync24 - Solvent Abuse
      8.Annie Hall - Defective Model
      9.Exzakt - Musik is the Drug
      10.MEKA - Mechanic Origin
      11.MEKA - Factor 1
      12.Alek Stark & J. The Barber - Without The Music (Neonwerk Rmx)
      13.Exzakt - Citi Of Bass
      14.Replicante Norman - binary war
      15.MEKA - Ser (Origina Edit)
      16.Secret Frequency Crew - Miami Eyes
      17.Luke Slater - All Exhale (Rude Solo Remix)


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [BRUTALASUSUAL] 2011-NOVEMBER-10

      1.Debonaire - Beat Technician
      2.Global Surveyor Feat K1 and Gab Gato - Global Surveyor
      3.D.O.H.-Machines Are Out There
      4.AE35 - TYO Freeze
      5.Morphology - Convince the Computer
      6.The Exaltics - No Time To Spend
      7.Steven Patton - Xylophobia
      8.Subjected - 005.7
      9.Voidloss - Acteaon
      10.Dwellz Rawkz - Alien Menace
      11.Carl A. Finlow - Floating Point
      12.Direct Control - Stars
      13.D.O.H.-Situation Bass Reworked
      14.Alek Stark - Water Waves
      15.Morphogenetic - The Secret War
      16.Cocaine On Her Dress - My Fantasy
      17.Sync24 - We Rock Non-Stop
      18. Debonaire - Watch Me Now
      19.D.O.H.-Ghetto Bass



    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [BOOMTSCHAK] 2011-NOVEMBER-11

      1.Eurythmic - Sweet dreams (MEKA Remix)
      3.Diplomat - Andromeda (Galactic Funk - Constellations)
      5.Afrika Bambaataa and The Soulsonic Force - Planet Rock (Westbam Remix)
      6.DJ R21 - Attack Of The Bassmen
      7.Prototype & Unique - Unique Morning (Street Sounds Remix)
      8.Dj Overdose - Its Dj Overdose
      9.Unknown - killer droid
      10.CeeOnic - Electronic Music
      11.Arabian Prince a.k.a. Professor X - 1 Million Freaks (Main Mix)
      12.Paul Blackford - 3 Mile Island
      13.Modeselektor - Kill Gates (The Use This Patch Immediately Version)
      14.Diplomat - Mastermix
      15.DJ R21 - Atomic Breakdown
      16.N - Ter - Radio Transmissions
      17.N - Ter - This Is My Life
      18.Mas 2008 - Being a Number
      19.Debonaire - Beat Technician


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction @ Club Paradiso 17 Nov 2011

      1.Diplomat – Andromeda (Galactic Funk – Constellations)
      2.Metaminds – From The Outside Looking In
      3.AS1 – Speaker Sex
      4.Sir Real – Landscapes
      5.Sir Real – ascension
      6.Dark Vektor – Por la discoteca V3000
      7.Final Dream – The Power of Evil
      8.Kronos Device – Below the Surface (Dynamik Bass System Remix)
      9.Illektrolab – Real Pimp
      10.AS1 – Cubic Faces
      11.Mas 2008 – Machine Soul
      12.Illektrolab – heavy hitter
      13.Final Dream – The Future is Dark
      14.AS1 – 305
      15.Excel – Don’t Stop Now
      16.AS1 – Robot Sex Freak
      17.Anthony Nuzzo – Die Rotten
      18.Mas 2008 – Electro Caleidoscope
      19.AS1 – These dirty streets
      20.Illektrolab – Overdrive
      21.DVS NME – Sentience (Pip Williams Remix)
      22.AS1 – Intro


    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [NOUFOS] 2011-NOVEMBER-27

      1.Apparat - Limelight
      2.Robert Cosmic - Visita al Espacio
      3.Kalson - Like You
      4.Robert Cosmic - Synth Conversations
      5.Model 500 - Ofi
      6.Mariel Ito - Aproach
      7.Diplomat - Just a Taste (feat Dj Dsk)
      8.Robert Cosmic - We Back
      9.D.O.H.- Hope That Your Into Music
      10.Mas 2008 - Machine Soul
      11.Absolute Fiction - Genius Der Energy
      12.Buraka Som Sistema - Kalemba (Hot Chip Remix)
      13.Scape One - Diffusion of Innovations
      14.Prototype - Sonic Wall Power
      15.Deemphasis - We Are
      16.Robert Cosmic - Restarting my Robot
      17.Spectrums Data Forces - Execute Necrus
      18.Diplomat - Ultrasonic Warhead - Ultrasonic Warhead
      19.E.R.P - lodestone
      20.Autobot 1000 - Access Denied



    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [FISH&BEATZ] 2011-DECEMBER-15

      1.Hadamard - Dance With Me
      2.Sougon - Ippon Redux (Boris Divider RMX)
      3.Heliopause - Destination Planet Earth (feat. Tommy Hamilton)
      4.Spacemen - KraftwerkZ
      5.Toyo Tsutsuli-Dancing alone-Gambol Remix
      6.R21-Trans Europe Express (Bass Station Mix)
      7.Pip Williams - Computer Talk
      8.Francois Du Electronique - Killer
      9.Boris Divider - Mirror
      10.Tiefschwarz - Warning Siren Exzacts Youve Been Warned Mix
      11.Heliopause - Forward (feat. Keith Tucker)
      12.Dave Clarke feat Chicks On Speed - What Was Her Name (Exzakts Vip Mix)
      13.Ctrl.Alt.Del - Nightvision
      14.Robert Cosmic - Sentimiento Underground
      15.Hadamard - The Ass in Bass
      16.Hadamard - A Walk in the Park
      17.Cestrian - Chafe a Painful Stride in Sunheat
      18.Floorkilla - Takeover
      19.Beatapella - Growbots came and jacked my Beatbox
      20.D.O.H. - Ghetto Bass
      21.IF - I Do Because I Couldn't Care Less

    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [BASSNATION] 2011-DECEMBER-27

      1.N-Ter - Maschinen Technology
      2.E.R.P. - Sensory Process (Plant43 Remix)
      3.Anthony Rother - La Bete
      4.DVS NME - Elevator
      5.Hadamard - Its Hadamard Bitch
      6.Clatterbox - Vector Model
      7.Hadamard - Dance With Me
      8.Clatterbox - Control Freak
      9.Pi-xl - Estereopsis
      10.Pi-xl - La Era Digital
      11.Dez Williams - Radaway
      12.214 - Sidestepping
      13.Anthony Rother - Father
      14.Paul Blackford - Cold Fusion
      15.Koova - Surveillance Nation
      16.Dez Williams - The Long Distance Runner
      17.Paul Blackford - Latitude (Sougon Remix)
      18.Anthony Rother - Die Macht
      19.214 - Drift Diving
    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [MUSIC4VAMPIRES]

      1.Univac - A2 Untitled
      2.UHU - Mission
      3.Gosub - Lost in Our Ways
      4.ADJ - Wobbley Edit
      5.ADJ - Harvest
      6.Versalife - Unclear Matter
      7.Univac - B1 Untitled
      8.Univac - Soyuz
      9.ADJ - Utopian Beatats
      10.Gods of Technology - Stealth
      11.Gods of Technology - Being of Sound Mind
      12.Alpha 606 and Sync 24 - Lunar Passport
      13.Gosub - Satan
      14.Gosub - Init
      15.Alpha 606 and Sync 24 - Forest Communication
      16.Tobias Von Hofsten - I love My 808
      17.Impakt - Defcon
      18.UHU - Skaitlojamas Mashinas Muzika
      19.In Trance 95 - Desire to Desire
    • Weapons of Bass Destruction [KILL909] 2012-JANUARY-14

      Weapons of Bass Destruction [KILL909] 2012-JANUARY-14

      1.Irma - Mindtrip
      2.Magnetic Bass Force - MBF on Attack
      3.Ran-D - Love-n-Rockets RIP Mix
      4.Cheeba Starks pres. The Toupe Committee - GoGo Bop (A Trip To The Bodega)
      5.Jmekka - Mekka LIES MBA Mix (Mekka & the Bass Addict)
      6.Autonomous Bass Heads - A Place Called Bass
      7.XXXY - Rain (Jack Sparrow Remix)
      8.Gome00su - Electro4
      9.Boris Divider - Shut Down The System - Mix3 (b1)
      10.Scape One - Diffusion of Innovations
      11.DJ R21- Attack of the Bassmen
      12.Dark Vektor - Touch Tomorrow
      13.Thomas Schumacher - Boogie Down (Zulu-Funk Mix)
      14.Boddika - Syn_chron
      15.214 - Sidestepping
      16.Autonomous Bass Heads - My Style Shall Stand Alone
      17.Paul Blackford - Shake That Booty
      18.Solar Chrome - Gravity
      19.MEKA - Human destroy
      20.Magnetic Bass Force - Direct Control
      21.Pip Williams - Field Studies
      22.Schnauz - Machine
      23.Rude 66 - Blood Is Blood
      24.Boddika - You Tell Me