Anyone wanna trade

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    • Anyone wanna trade

      Here's a list of stuff I have for trade at the moment.

      PM if you are interested in any of 'em

      All records in Excellent condition (unless otherwize stated)

      Divine Sounds - What People Do For Money 1984 U.S Specific Records
      Juanito (FX) The Real Powermixer featuring M.C Def Double F - Move your feet/Naughty Boy Megamix/True Colours Megamix 1987 U.S Funky Mix Records (Very Good Condition)

      Double Dee & Steinski - History of Hip Hop - Lesson 1,2 & 3 1987 U.S RPM Rcords
      Captain Rock - Cosmic Blast 1984 U.S NIA Records
      Dynamite Two - Let Us See You Dance/The Main Beat 1984 U.S Atlantic Records
      Unknown DJ - Basstronic (remix) U.S Techno Cut Records
      EZE T - Jazzy Reggae/The War 1987 U.S Force Groove Records
      The Dismasters - Small time Hustler/You must be Crazy 1987 U.S Urban Rock Records
      Spoonie Gee - I'm All Shook Up 1987 U.S Tuff City Records
      Kool Rock J & DJ Slice - Notorious/Just Chillin 1989 U.S Jive Records
      QBC (Queens Brooklyn Connection) - This Is Called Hip Hop 1988 U.S Capital Records
      Stan Zoid - Let's Do it 1985 U.S Arrington Records promo copy
      World Class Wreckin' Cru - World Class Mega Mix (DJ Battery Brain) 19?? U.S Kru Cut Records
      Toddy Tee - Batteram 1985 U.S Epic Records
      Original Concept - Can You Feel It 1986 U.S Def Jam Records

      Rooftop Records Rap's New Generation Album 1988 U.S Roof top records (very Good Condition)
      Cool Ron - The Assasin
      Queen Lisa Lee - I'm A Pioneer
      Rashien - In '88
      B-Fats - How's Everybody Feeling
      Disco Four - Crazy About Cars
      DJ Rob Hanna - Five Fingers Of Death
      Tony Tee - The Composer
      Lord O.J - I'm In Control
      Ramel - Cold Get Wild

      Ultra Magnetic M.C's - Critical Breakdaown Album 1988 U.S Next Plateau Records (labels on cover)
      T La Rock - Love Blind/Runaway 1988 U.S Fresh Records
      Prince Quick Mix & Derrick Dee - Won't you be my Neighbour 1988 U.S Asoma records
      Gangsta Nip - 6 Track Promo copy E.p 1992 U.S Rap-A-Lot Records
      Wanda Dee - The Goddess/To The Bone 1989 U.S Tuff City Records
      Doctor Ice - Love Jones 1989 U.S Jive Records promo copy
      Schooly D - Pussy Ain't Nothin' 1989 U.S Jive Records promo copy
      DJ Quick Jus Lyke Compton 1992 U.S Profile Records Promo copy
      Scratchmaster Chuck T - Jazzy Way 1991 U.S Creative Funk Records promo copy
      Too Poetic - God made me Funky 1989 U.S Tommy Boy Records promo copy
      Too Short - City of Dope 1988 U.S Jive Records promo copy