1993 Club Scene

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    • 1993 Club Scene

      In 1993 I was stationed in the Army at Ft. Carson Colorado Springs,Co. Believe it or not there was quite the Electro club scene there. One of the clubs I went to often was called "Club Metro" there was this CD called Technoclassix Volume 1 - Never mind the Beethoven" that was played just about every night. I traded the DJ some rare stuff I had for it. I still got the CD and think it is a masterpiece. By the way even back then My buddies and I would break open Cam Lights (Glow Sticks) and draw pictures on our skin with the glow gue inside so that when you were inside the club it would GLOW.. ::) ....ahhh memories.
    • 1993 Electro Masterpiece?

      I just remembered I posted a song off of that masterpiece of an album I talked about in my previous post! Here it is...[ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24YIlMSgtGQ&feature=channel_video_title']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=24YIlMSgtGQ&feature=channel_video_title[/ame] What do you all think? I feel that this is Electro (1993) that was way ahead it's time!
    • Thanks, you made me curious but i couldn't find it on YouTube before.

      It's interesting what ways the term "Electro" took in different times,
      ...in different scenes ...in different regions of the world.

      I'd never call this "Electro"... to me (being from Europe) that style is typical
      early 90s "Euro-Techno"/"Rave" from its early commercial phase over here.
      Beethoven aside it sounds a little like instrumental '2 Unlimited' ;D

      I like some early 90s underground Techno, but i'm affraid i have to pass on this one.
      Bit too ravy for me. Thanks for posting anyway! 8-)

      You might like this one from Germany, 1991:

      (Someone should do an Electrocore remix of this ;D)
    • I guess there is no right or wrong really. In music 'Electro' started out as a term that
      was added to existing genre names to describe an extra electronic sounding version of it.
      Especially in the 70s and 80s when electronic instruments became widely available.
      So genres like Wave and Funk developed 'Electro-Wave', 'Electro-Funk' etc ...which then
      often ended up just being refered to as 'Electro' within those contexts. So there never have
      been universal rules for how to use the term alone.

      To call all electronic music 'Electro' makes sense in a way, but it also makes things highly
      confusing (especially on here ;D) as there also have been specific styles within the underground
      of electronic music (next to Techno, House, Drum'n'Bass etc) and Hiphop being called 'Electro'
      for a long time.

      The 'Electro' that people on here mostly talk about comes from 'Electrofunk' / 'Electro-Hiphop' /
      'Electrobass' (or 'Technobass' in Detroit) / 'Electrotechno' / 'Electrobreaks' etc. All these styles
      share some typical characteristics that make them come together under one roof here.
      Which are mostly the broken syncopated beats and a certain sound design often involving the
      classic Roland TR-808 drummachine, Kraftwerk inspirations, analog synths and vocoders etc.

      Check some of the tracks here:
    • Great video upload elektroakust.! I have heard that song before but it has been awhile! But now I wish to raise the bar on you ;D .... Just kidding here is another 90s Trance song I liked..... [ame='http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WylwLxHIp2I&feature=channel_video_title']http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WylwLxHIp2I&feature=channel_video_title[/ame]