SOM Comp. 4 - Morphology, The Exaltics, Clatterbox, Weltwirtschaft...

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    • SOM Comp. 4 - Morphology, The Exaltics, Clatterbox, Weltwirtschaft...

      SOM Compilation 4. - Entertaiment for Adults

      Fourth SOM Compilation featuring: Kan3da, Morphology, Headnoaks, L. Eargoggle, ESS, Clatterbox, Aliensextoy, Crotaphytus, The Exaltics, Weltwirtschaft, Das Muster and Composite Profuse. 100 Copies Lim.!!! 20 Copies come with blue lettering on the CD and 1 Bonus Track. All CD Packages are mixed up with each other so we also don´t know where the blue ones are now. Its a surprise when you get your package:)


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    • Thanks Johan :)

      Here is a nice review from Juno records!!!

      The Netherlands has long had a thriving electro and synth-wave scene. While Clone and Creme Organisation have previously been unashamed flag-bearers, that honour may soon pass to the Solar One label. Here, they offer up a fourth collection of futuristic label highlights, unreleased tracks and forgotten gems. Limited to just 100 CDs worldwide, SOM Compilation 4 offers up a range of robotic compositions, from the icy synthscapes of Kan3dra and Dexter-ish stone cold rhythms of Headnoaks and Clatterbox to the shimmering melodies of ESS and Drexciyan revivalism of The Exaltics. There's also some rather delightful ambience from Weltwitschaft, whose gentle "Maud" is a standout moment.
    • Here's the review:

      V.A. - SOM Compilation Vol 4 - Solar One Music SOM-18
      In 2058, after the complete invasion of Earth twenty years earlier, mankind was reduced to a handful of inoffensive yet hard to locate resistants. Free from wars and conquests, the mercenaries and superior intelligences of SOM gathered together to rule on how to share the planet and set the basis of a new era where water, gaz, oil, minerals and Nature would be preserved from pollution and human... Earth would only be a lab to breed limited quantities of human species used as food for the Solaris people. Twelve points of this manifesto signed by all the villains, monsters and humanoids in SOM's pay were deposited in an audio disc titled "SOM 4". To be continued...

      While the first three opus of the series detailed aliens plans to invade, dominate and eradicate people of Earth, this fresh outing from Jena based Solar One Music would refer onto the future of the planet. Featuring SOM's regular signatures Aliensextoy (Militant Science), Clatterbox (Frustrated Funk), Kan3da (Transient Force), Crotaphytus (Solar One Music), The Exaltics (Solar One Music), Headnoaks (AC Records), Luke Eargoggle (Stilleben Records) and Weltwirtschaft (Dominance Electricity), this much anticipating fourth compilation serves up another special and collector edition of subsonic sounds for hedonists that we are, propelling us one more time into post modern electro and unsecured zones. Intriguing yet complex, this eclectic installment characterized by advanced music structures brings nice surprises as well as brilliant inaugural contributions from the like of new to the label Composite Profuse (Bunker Records), Das Muster (Transient Force), ESS aka Mattew Flanagan (New Flesh), or Morphology (Cultivated Electronics).

      Borrowing from the influential aesthetics of Electro Body Music register, Kan3da's beatless and luminous downtempo movie soundtrack "Fall" inoverture of the CD gives the tone of a sci-fi collection that alternates between warehouse slaughters, minimalistic experiments and contemplativetransmissions. Smooth, emotive, Morphology's "Dark Flow" keeps on with a similar moody approach, offering a twilight track where beautiful arpeggio recitatives are mixed up with linear Detroitish beats. "Opiatrezeptor" from unstoppable Headnoaks coming next increases the temperature thanks to relentless staccatos programming over a fierce rhythm. If Luke Eargoggle had no other ambition than make you dance, his bubbling "Girlfriend From Madrid" track not only fulfills its mission but also presents conscious funk under the strobes to make you think while you break. Whereas refine "Comet ELEnin" showcases one of ESS very best tunes, containing much depth and range over a slow down rhythm, both Clatterbox's "Singularity" and Aliensextoy's "Come Back 2 Life" return on the dancefloor to deliver tense tunes based upon frantic tempo, eerie lyrics and cold industrial layers. With the second part of his dark "Cycle of Life" jam combining deep spacey flights to cosmic atmosphere, giant gecko Crotaphytus maintains the listener attention alive in another of his great appearance. Clear synth lines and US influences in the background are key words to describe groovy yet cutting edge "My Point of View" from untouchable The Exaltics. The compilation escapes from the classic standards with audacious mayhems such like nasty "Maud" served up by gift talent Weltwirtschaft. Final tracks "Massendynamik" and "Die U-Bahn Mörderin" by inspired Das Muster and Composite Profuse end the compilation on a despair climax where hope is the privilege of the weaks in a no future land.

      Limited to 100 copies and packaged in a red textured sleeve from unknown galaxy, "SOM4" will offer to twenty lucky freaks of us 1 mysterious extra tune so don't sleep on this massive slice of underground and contemporary electro masterpieces! Believe me, Perfection definitively comes from outer space!

      Electro, Ltd CDR