sat 12 july: last Hex night ever

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    • sat 12 july: last Hex night ever

      saturday 12 july 2008

      Last Hex night

      Saturday 12 july: after four years it is over for the Hex nights. Hex stood since 2004 for a live program with new and daring international acts from the independent music scene. Next to that the afterparties raised a lot of attention with their uncompromising music. Everything from obscure oldies to contemporary neglected music was played.

      As a relic there is the compilation album “Hoera! Een Hex voor thuis!” (on the Enfant Terrible label) on which twelve bands collaborated that played at the Hex nights. The last copies of this acclaimed record are still available.

      Time is there to start new things. But, first a last change to dance to all the Hex hits with dj M. and dj Kramp on saturday 12 july.

      After this a new series of parties will start under the name NADA! What you can expect there is a mix of old and new music rooted in the 80’s. From beats to guitar sounds, from poppy to noise and from cult to kitsch. The first night is on Friday 8 August at Ekko in Utrecht. See here soon:

      The last Hex night start at 22.00 and ends at 04:00. Entrance is 3,50 euro. Location is OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134 in Amsterdam, NL.