Electro Tune ID (HELP!)

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    • Electro Tune ID (HELP!)

      Hi all,

      Sorry for the rather selfish first post, but I have a track from a mix which is in desperate need of id'ing, but literally noone seems to know what it is. I've posted on lots of forums, which are usually great for id'ing obscurities, but to no avail...


      I can't tell you much about it, but it sounds like reasonably modern electro (probably produced after 95 anyway, and more likely produced in 2000+), with a superb choir-type chorus and some great beats. It is a super track, so I really hope someone can help! TIA.
    • Electro Tune ID (HELP!)

      elektroakust. wrote:

      welcome to the empire! 8-)

      sorry, i never heard that track before.
      sounds nice... i'd put it in the big "electronica" / "idm" genre box tho. 8-)

      tryed asking the one who made the mix?

      hi thx :)

      yes, i did indeed but he doesn't know what it is either. it has definitely been pressed to vinyl, thats all i know :(