Electro Mini-mega-mixes wanted for radio show

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    • Electro Mini-mega-mixes wanted for radio show

      Hi all,

      The Future Shock electro and sci-fi breaks radio show is now in full weekly swing, so far feedback has be incredibly positive. Thanks for tuning in and sending me your comments, its very much appreciated.

      Ok, I would like to add a new element to the show, one-off exclusive 'Future Shock' DJ mini-mixes, initially I will be limiting them to a maximum duration of 30-45mins. Enough time for say a Top 10 if you like, it can be old school electro/future breaks or new school or both.

      The reason for the limitation is to keep the shows unique regular format of play track/give information uncompromised. However, I'm also keen for DJ's to have a showcase for their talents, it is has always been a symbiotic relationship in this genre, which I whole heartedly support and long may it continue.

      Format must be in either high quality WAV or 128+kbps mp3 - Max duration 45mins

      Please send either,

      A download link to...


      or a CD to...

      The Future Shock
      ICR FM
      120 Princes Street,
      Ipswich, Suffolk
      IP1 1RS

      I look foward to hearing from you.


      :cylon: Electro/Breakbeat/80's Hip Hop Freak! :cylon: