Mike Allen again

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    • Mike Allen again

      Don`t know if this website has been linked before or is any of the previous Mike Allen appreciation threads, if it has, apologies.

      Anyway, saw Beagle post a link on FB today. From what i gathered it was the work of Simmo who i think posts on EE as Beatronic, if it is, fantastic work man, brilliant site, love it!

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    • Just seen this thread, many thanks for looking and appreciating the site.

      Truely a labour of love, felt I had to do something in honour of The Boss, had been meaning to do it for a few years but only got round to it last year. He introduced me to so many records.

      Listing all the shows and charts was quite a tedious chore but now it's done I think it is a great snapshot of mid 80's Hip Hop and what amazed me is he played practically everything that came out during those years, there are not many records he missed.

      I still have stuff I want to add to the site which I will do when I get round to it. A friend of mine is writing a great piece on the London Pirate Radio scene of the mid 80's, will be a great read and very informative, will let you know when it is added.
    • Yeah too right, in fact I still can't believe it. After an alright start to the season it just all went down hill, by November we were awful and that continued right up until AVB left the club.

      I went to the QPR away game in the FA Cup back in Jan/Feb this year and it was one of the worst performances I have seen from us in years, I remember thinking afterwards we would deffo not get top 4 and figured we would be out of the cups soon as well.

      Well I was right about the top 4 but who would have predicted we would have won both cups, FA Cup maybe but CL never. Never managed to get a ticket for the CL final (only 17000 allocation) but I was at all of our home games in the competition and it has been a brilliant campaign, some classic games, especially the Napoli 4-1, epic macth!! Didn't really enjoy the Barca game spent the whole time chewing my nails!!

      Bet you were gutted on the last day of the prem? From a neutral point of view it was an amazing end to the season.
    • Yeah was gutted last day but you win some you lose some, as a young kid i would have been inconsolable but as you grow up you just take it on the chin and move on to next season.

      I know 2 lads from up here in Manchester who went to Munich and they had a great time, theres a bit of an love in between Stockport County and Chelsea going back years up here.
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    • Beatronic;63435 wrote:

      Didn't know that about Stockport and Chelsea. I know we have an affiliation with Glasgow Rangers that goes back years.

      Yeah that`s the Loyalist element with Linfield from NI .............. a lot of the Chelsea lads like Marriner, etc come up here quite often for a booze with the Stockport lads.
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