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    • wax groover;61937 wrote:

      I hate new school electro all !!
      I wish there would be more for present the past classic electro genre of 80ies electro
      in individual styles.
      Fuck all you !!
      Electro fans don`t need a new electro genre,
      we want this old electro music but new songs.

      Your mental chains make me giggle ;D
    • Starchild;62000 wrote:

      Dude!!! Educate yourself: discogs.com/artist/Tangerine+Dream
      What especially I'll educate and how it connect with electro genre ( the subject of this tread) ?

      Starchild;62000 wrote:

      ...and just Google them...its not a mystery that both Kraftwerk and TD came out of the Krautrock scene. ;)
      Yes, and what specific you want to say with that?

      P.S. : I bigger fan of EM (so, I'm educate enough), then EDM (which including electro), so please stop call all music made with synthesizers - Electro! It's the one of reasons why electro in strange bad situation.
    • Starchild;61992 wrote:

      But dont you think there is a hypocrisy in acknowledging that Electro is a word that defines Electronic music in its roots, but that others cant call it that?

      I actually didn't mean to agree to it in that way.
      The short term "Electro" certainly comes from the word "electronic", yes. Just like "Techno" comes from "Technology".
      Nothing against other music styles, i like all kinds of genres.
      But if new generations of electronic music fans use old already established terms (like Electro, Techno, Jungle, etc) for almost completely different new styles (Electro seems to be known as substyle of House now), then i call that uneducated and ignorant and towards the history of electronic music. Its only for that reason that we have all of this "electro" identity crisis since the last 12 years. Prior to 2000 i don't remember one conversation about it. :-/

      Starchild;61992 wrote:

      We are very underground, so most people that are new to our "Electro", come from some other background, where they may listen to something else. If they call it Electro...well, so did everyone else since the beginning of this type of music. This same in-fighting has always been there.

      Did Stockhausen or Carlos or any of the true pioniers really say just "Electro"? I've never heard about that.

      Starchild;61992 wrote:

      *If you see someone come on here talking about them doing Electro, but its not what you define as Electro...do not be mean to them. They never come back, they would probably like our music eventually

      *Remember when you talk to the uneducated, that the roots of that word make it far more broad than you want to think, so! Be mindful, call your stuff Electro Funk, Bass, something that defines what type of Electro you do. Keep that word for the peeps in the know.

      *Stop the elitism, it is killing our genre! Many people that come here being friendly, and are willing to listen to what we do, run away because of the insulting elitism that takes place here and on Facebook...it is killing our chances of ever reaching more people.

    • Not sure they called it electro, that seems to have come about in the 70s. But, my point is more that the word began to be used as a short word for electronic, as you even stated with the " electro wave" thing. Again, I understand that to our scene electro means something, but we need to look at why suddenly the same issue that was around in the 70s, is here again. There is obviously a drive in people that do this, to identify with the word electro. My only solution is for people that identify with it, to add a suffix like bass or pop, so it can be seen as a more specific sub genre.

      I don't think it's going to change otherwise. Our kind of electro didn't come about until the 80s, way after people were already used to the word electro being used as a short, almost prefix like word for what type of electronic music they were doing. If that is the case, and people are doing it again, how can we change it without seeming elitist and somewhat misguided? My only answer is what I stated before, don't be mean because someone refers to what they do as electro, instead, refer to your electro as something more specific like electro funk, or electro bass.
    • Starchild;62004 wrote:

      My only answer is what I stated before, don't be mean because someone refers to what they do as electro, instead, refer to your electro as something more specific like electro funk, or electro bass.
      It's way to nothing, I mean. May be better tell to interlocutor that incorrect say just Electro about Electro House?
    • The definition of Electro House, thats to be clear:

      Electro House is stylistic variety of the house music, located at the intersection of house and electroclash.

      The appearance of Electro House promoted the emergence and blossoming of a style of electronic music as Electroclash in the late 1990s, Electroclash combines styles such as New Wave/Synthpop, and also one of the elements of Electroclash is punk vocals, usually female, on the themes of glamor, sex and science fiction. One of the first musicians to the masses advancing Electro House is an Italian DJ - Benny Benassi, who is a fan of Electroclash scene. Thanks to his Electro House is one of the most popular types of electronic dance music. At first his song Satisfaction played on the Electroclash-parties, it played by such DJs as Soulwax, Erol Alkan, Tiga, Larry Tee. Composition Satisfaction gained popularity, and dominating the charts around the world - from Canada to Australia and Russia, and still has not lost relevance.

      Electro House using a different drum machine, using an analog bass (sawtooth bass), high-tone leads of synthesizers. BPM ranging from 125 to 135 BPM

      Also, despite the similarity in name, not to be confused with Electro House and Electro. Both styles have absolutely nothing in common.

      Electro House has several sub-styles: Dirty Electro House, aka French Electro House (dynamic, more commercial, with frequent use of vocals, with "dirty" sound in the main sub-genres represented French musicians: Justice, Teenage Bad Girl, Boys Noize, and others. Electro-Tech (originated by Tech House'a; has dark and hard, "synthetic" sound with the addition of noise, mainly represented by the following artists: Gregor Tresher, Xenia Beliayeva, Anthony Rother, Kiko, and others. In the work of French artists such as Etienne De Crecy, Digitalism, Autokratz, Justice , Alex Gopher, is very noticeable effect of Electroclash, Nu Rave and style of the band Daft Punk. Gaining popularity a form of Electro house - Fidget House , which includes elements of Hip-Hop, Nu Rave and Dubstep, represented by such artists as Crookers, Ac Slater , Aquasky and many others.

      Sorry for English, translate with Google :)
    • i agree that electro is something else than electronic music and it shouldnt be mixed up with other genres. Firstly it makes it hard to find the music your after. Also I have friends that call dubstep electro which leads to loads of confusion.

      - have you heard this band?
      - no.. you heard these?
      - no
      *him playing a tune*
      - ehm, this is ok.. but not the thing i listen to...

      i dont see it being elitistic, we could call it robot music all i care, as long its being used for its purpose and narrow the criterias to one kind of music style (which is a wide area in itself but possible to track).