CE010 - Sonar Base - We Attack at Dawn EP - Including Sync 24 Remix

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    • CE010 - Sonar Base - We Attack at Dawn EP - Including Sync 24 Remix

      Artist – Sonar Base
      Title – We Attack at Dawn EP
      Label – Cultivated Electronics
      Format – 12” Vinyl/Digital
      Catalogue Number – CE010
      Release Date – Vinyl – 17-05-12

      Track List

      A1 – The Deadly Strorms of Uranus
      A2 – The Journey Home
      B1 - The Deadly Strorms of Uranus – Sync 24 Remix
      B2 – The Swarm

      Sound Clips available

      Cultivated Electronics moves into its 10th release and second of 2012 with an EP from long standing Dutch Electro pioneer Frank De Groodt under his Sonar Base alias. This is the 3rd landing from Sonar Base whose legendary first album Sonar Bases 1 - 4 was released on U Trax in 1995 before his second release Beyond Hoag's Object II on Daz Qualye's SCSI-AV Imprint 10 year's later in 2005. Frank started out on Djax records in 1994 with multiple releases as The Operator and Optic Crux before his more recent releases as Fastgraph on Klakson. We Attack Before Dawn EP gives a nod to the mid 90's Electro sound of Underground Resistance with 3 killer cuts from Sonar Base and a remix from CE label head Sync 24.

      This EP has gained strong support from several artist's and label's including -

      Dave Clarke, Radioactive Man, DMX Krew, Hardfloor, Morphology, Boris Divider, The Exaltics, E.R.P, Dexcorcist, 214, Billy Nasty, DeFeKt, Plant43, Luke Eargoggle, Perc, Frustrated Funk, Abstract Forms and many more.

      Available from -


      Next up on CE is a series of LTD edition VA 12"s from artist's including Morphology, Boris Divider, The Exaltics, CRC, Dynarec, DeFeKt and Sync 24 & Deixis. Watch this space!!
      Dark & Robotic
    • Review hereunder :) Don't miss it!

      Sonar Base - We Attack At Dawn EP - Cultivated Electronics CE010
      London based label CE delivers its tenth vinyl release this month and second of 2012 thanks to Sonar Base! Succeeding to Morphology, Frank De Groodt signs on Sync24's almighty imprint his debut EP after a series of remarkable outings as The Operator, Optic Crux or Fastgraph just to name a few on structures such like SCSI-AV, Djax Up Beats, Klakson or U Trax since 1994.

      With "We Attack At Dawn EP", the Dutch electro pioneer returns to the syncopated sound of the mid 90's bringing back a bit of nostalgia on the dancefloor. In overture of the A side, "The Deadly Storms of Uranus" gives the tone of an EP forged into TB303. Reminiscent of Underground Resistance, Hardfloor or Plus 8 early works, this bubbling cut introduces a noir atmosphere over a rolling 808 line while cutting edge storm samples merged with refine acidic lines and stripped down layers increase the tense. Hot!

      Slowing down the tempo, old school electro - techno "The Journey Home" coming next reveals a smoother approach thanks to progressive acid laments, hypnotic melodies and conscious low fi sequences. A perfect track to mix at 4am after a rolling set.

      On the opposite side, CE mastermind Phil Bolland (Touchin' Bass) offers a wonderful remix of "The Deadly Storms of Uranus". Adding more nervosity and twist to the original, his brainwashing rework goes deeper into the realm, with a fast rhythm, mesmerizing arpeggios, dark swirling pads and filtered bleeps all of them slowly building a sinister and unhealthy atmosphere. Stunning as usual when it comes from Sync24!

      Finally, Sonar Base concludes the record with aesthetic "The Swarm", an uplifting minimal affair accompanied by classic Electro beats, sharp kicks, crisp drums and detuned snares.

      Sync24's structure keeps on surprising release after release. The quality of the tracks and the artists roster are playing a main role in the label good health. Watch out for the forthcoming CE releases lined up next months featuring Dynarec, Boris Divider, Sync 24 and Morphology!

      12” Vinyl/Digital, electro