Shannon and Jimi Tunnell vocals TOTAL WOW! MOMENT!

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    • Shannon and Jimi Tunnell vocals TOTAL WOW! MOMENT! an absolute banger of a track from years ago.But what amazed me is that the chorus vocals are by a white guy called Jimi Tunnell and this dude is also responsible for the chorus vocals on Shannons GIVE ME TONIGHT and LET THE MUSIC PLAY...which im sure im not alone in always thought it was indeed Shannon singing both...I mean why on earth would it ever cross anyones mind it was someone else....and whats more that it was actually a white GUY with such a killer vocal.
      A total WOW! moment for me anyway which ive double and triple checked and then some...
      This comment under the video led me to look into it and then hearing the guy on his solo stuff its clear as day...


      Jimi Tunnell is an accomplished guitarist

      who also has an amazing voice with immense doubling abilities....largely due to his vocals on Shannons Let The Music Play and Give Me Tonight he became highly sought after in the 80s and 90s for those wonderful vocals...I am a Fan and so is FSTYL!!!!!

      DncnBoy 3 years ago 6

      And im fully aware of Shannon performing & lip syncing both tracks countless times on TV and at live shows...The backing vocals are used each and every time... and those vocals belong to Jimi Tunnell. What a voice this guy has!
    • I need some Freestyle suggests folks. I remember stuff like Hanson & Davis, Connie and some others..not much though as it was back in the days when we only had ON THE WIRE, BUS DISS and JOHN PEEL to get any Hip Hop on the radio. The odd other track that wasnt strictly electro/hip hop i might of caught with a pause button back then are long gone.

      Who did i miss? :cylon: