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    • Hello folks,

      No idea why it took me this long to sign up but here I am. Just moved to The Netherlands from Ireland too.

      Lots of 80's stuff I was too young to chase up is there but electro that really caused the spark for me would have to be late 90s Anthony Rother - Describe Reality, Don't Stop The Beat, Human Made etc

      I produce a bunch of music too, you can check things out in my signature below.

    • hi there
      i am passionate electro lover and collector since early nineties
      i used to dj in berlin a lot for killekill label parties for example
      now i live near frankfurt/main and its a bit quite around my dj bookings
      other things became more important but i collect records maybe even more now than ten years ago
      my likes are of course all drexciya related projects,more current ERP Versalife Plant but also different kinds of house , italo and synth wave
      of course i like I-F.
      feel free to get in touch if you like
      heres my soundcloud
    • Hey there everybody.

      I'm from Slovenia and I'm a drum&bass fanatic supporting the scene for over 20 years. Yes, I'm old, almost 40. Anyway, I like to join various music forums, meet new people, get some connections and post about new drum&bass releases from various artists and labels. In the dedicated section of course and always holding on to the rules :) Hope I'll find some fans here, who'll appreciate them.

      Check me out on Instagram: @wizdnb
    • live in london, originally from Turkey. influences include breakbeat hardcore, all detroit electro stuff, drexciya, urban tribe, aux 88 stingray etc. Huge fan also of control tower, rotters golf club, marguerita, Clatterbox, the Italian business like Marco pasirini and d'Arcangelo and so on. basically anything that avoids the generic cliched robot voices is good for me (though of course you can't beat vocoder magic when it's done right.) slightly unrelated to electro I'm also into a lot of mid 90s hard techno/hardcore, cologne acid, mike dred, loads of 93 dark jungle and of course the whole sativie/mosquito sound. im always looking for old mixtapes with that hard and fast but with intellect approach so feel free to pm me and we can chat.