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      Bucharest’s own Sorin Paun unleashes his first electro biomechanical beast on Batery Park Studio's entitled "Disassembler", under the alias Datacrashrobot.
      Fourteen tracks of crunching beat work, pulsating mechanical bass works, multiple glitch layers creating a thin balance between what’s organic and what’s robotical, industrious hidden melodies and plenty of other ear juice waiting for you, track after track.
      This Disassembler beast is a somewhat different effort from Sorin’s previous entries under the Datacrashrobot moniker, featuring more organic, wet textures and a broader specter of his sound palette. This isn’t a full on mechanical-electroid robot terminator. It’s an elegant and subtle biomechanical creature, giving you the charms at first with his inviting rhythms and panned textures, infecting your soul right after, with danceable grooves and brain wave stimulating complexity.
      Perfect for both the living room and the dance floor, this often cold and inviting world is a more than welcome addition to Batery Park Studio's ever-growing catalog, for those seeking intelligent music without being pretentious and overbearing.

      All tracks written and produced by "Datacrashrobot".

      :cylon: RELEASE DATE : 02.12.2012 :cylon: