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    • Well I just finished this 90's recommendations in the 80's section for DJ Catch, and these are actually my favs too so I'll post em here too...maybe youlike some of them!

      C'Vello‎– This Jam Is Cold 1990/91

      Action Pack, The‎– Dance 1993

      DJ Reckless Ron‎– Here's Your Chance Now Dance 1990

      Funky Tong‎– Wag Your Tail 1993

      Invincible Force‎– Designs For The Future EP 1991

      Bass Society - Re-Animation 1995

      Mr. X – I'm Your House Rocker 90/91

      Section 87‎– More Power / Rock'in The Beat 1990

      A.U.T.H.O.R.I.T.Y.‎– Key To Your Shackles 1992

      D-House‎– Detroit Bass 1992

      Half Man Half Machine‎– Half Man Half Machine 1991

      Science Club‎– Depression 1990

      T. Boyz' D.L. ‎– Techno Trip To Blast 1991

      Aux88 - How Low Can You Go 1994

      Dagobert‎– Dagobert 1997

      Computor Rockers‎– The Return Of The Computor Rockers 1998

      Prime Dominance – Don't Fight Against My Bass 1996