V/A - World Electronix Volume 2 – Cultivated Electronics CE012 LTD

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    • V/A - World Electronix Volume 2 – Cultivated Electronics CE012 LTD

      Coming soon! Brilliant release :)

      V/A - World Electronix Volume 2 – Cultivated Electronics CE012 LTD
      Here's the second installment in the "World Electronix" series from the mighty label Cultivated Electronics. Unlike the previous release, this new limited chapter brings four electro signatures under the spotlights, starting off with excellent The Exaltics (Solar One Music, Bunker).

      Opening the A side with the hard acidic "Ten Days", the German artist gives the tone of the whole EP. Relentless beats, dark melodies, fierce and tense 303 sequences turn the track into an instant dance floor standard.

      "Where This" from CE label honcho Phil Bolland aka Sync 24 (Touchin'Bass, SOM) keeps on the same register offering a solid piece of synthetic electro funk surrounded with classic acid lines, heavy bass drums, dramatic loops with groovy programming and bleepy moments. Off the chain as usual!

      Sync 24 returns on the flip side along with Abstract Forms mastermind Deixis. Together, they deliver with the insane "Who Knows" another dark electro beast based upon a merciless kick, and some nasty bubbling flights over sharped drums. Ace!

      To conclude, half of Finnish Morphology duo Michael Deikmann aka CRC serves up the epic "Holographic Memories", a combination of hypnotic Sci Fi touches melt with hot acidic tones and dark paranoid strings.

      Although the main theme of the EP is acid music, the four tracks sound completely different and will fit to every taste. Third volume of the series will feature tracks from JTC, Gosub, Sync 24 & DeFeKT and Versalife. To be expected this Spring/Summer. Awaiting for the last chapter, rush on this one, you won't be sorry!
      12” Vinyl/Digital,
      Electro, acid