V/A - Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect

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    • V/A - Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect


      V/A - Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect
      Demetrius Dialect Austin was only 29 when he passed away on December the 27th. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to meet him or talk to him but according to the pain and love posts on social networks from his family and persons he admired the most such as Bass Junkie or James Wolfe just to name a few, there's no doubt he was an awesome man.

      To accompany him on his last trip and celebrate his memory, Cory "Proliferation" Hernandez aka Inhuman Designed (Mars Frequency Records, CHP Recordings, Access Tonal Communications) has gathered together this very special album, featuring 15 tracks from some of Demetrius favorites electro artists and friends.

      The digital pack comes around with prestigious high quality contributions from Inhuman Designed himself, Diamondback Kid (Diamondback Recordings), Grow (CHP Recordings), Dwellz (Devine Disorder Records), Milky (The Lost Art), Shadowbunny (Black Magic Records), Binalog Freq (Binalog Frequency), The Bayou Bros (Reach Records), Prizm (Millenium Recordings), DJ JC (The Lost Art), Evil King Nasty (The Lost Art), Natural Nate (Battery Park Studio), Mike Devious (The Lost Art), Kidd Love (), and Element Z (Element Z Productions).

      "Into the Stars - A Tribute to Dialect" offers an epic collection of pure Sci Fi music filled with evil bass, nasty 808 drums, dense reverbs, beautiful analogue flights, emotional moments & devastating synthesis.

      Though the numerous jams deliver several different styles and tempos, the unifying theme for this release is dark electro conjuring imagery of gigantic machines slowly lifting off from Earth for a no return voyage into the depths of space. Alternating between moody pieces ("Remnants", "Ashes To Stardust", "How The Beat Goes (One For My Homie Mix)"), dancefloor slaughters ("Time To Rise", "Friendship", "Mind Expansion", "4 My Hommiez", "Are You Ready", "Planetary Rockin' Systems", "Beyond This Planet"), synthetic experiments ("Combined Effects", "As They Ride") and emotional transmissions ("Lost", "A New Dimension", "Butterfly Defect"), the album could have been easily used as the soundtrack of a science-fiction blockbuster movie.

      This is a compilation for remembering how good and loving Demetrius was, but not only, as it states the current sound of Electro & Breakbeat and let's foresee the talent of a new generation of artists who are knocking at the doors of both genres.

      All proceeds from this digital release available for the low price of $10.00 will be used for Dialect funeral costs. Thank you to all artist involved into this project that have donated their time and music in order to show lovely support. RIP Demetrius, we lost one of us. I'm sure wherever you are right now, as a key member of the lost-art.com, you're currently listening and jumpin' to the compilation with proudness cause you were a Bass addict and the album is nothing sort of you. Our thoughts go to your family.
      Digital, electro