Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back E.P. feat. Dynamix II, Maggotron, DJ Qbert, Will Web, DJ Di'jital, Sbles3plex, DJ XED

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    • Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back E.P. feat. Dynamix II, Maggotron, DJ Qbert, Will Web, DJ Di'jital, Sbles3plex, DJ XED

      Zero One Music, in collaboration with Present:

      Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back E.P.

      Release also features remixes by: Dynamix II ( w/ vocals by Maggotron, scratches and cuts by DJ Qbert ), DJ Di'jital, Will Web, Sbles3plex, and DJ XED.

      Format: Digital
      Release date: April 1st for a 2 week exclusive on ( Released to all digital retailers on April 16th )

      *You can download the original version of "Techno Bass Is Back" by Morphogenetic for free, when you sign up at ( Click "Free song" tab under Media )

    • Exclusive review for Network Technobass:

      Morphogenetic - Techno Bass Is Back EP - Zero One Music vs Zero1006

      Techno Bass is revamped! Zero One Music, in association with, returns with a wide array of Techno Bass mixes on this powerful digital release. Paying tribute to the origins of Techno Bass from Miami to Detroit, long awaited "Techno Bass Is Back" introduces an unreleased track by Morphogenetic, completed with five untouchable Electro Bass reworks from the like of Dynamix II, Maggotron, DJ Q-Bert, Will Web, Sbles3plex, DJ XED and DJ Di’jital.

      Author of numerous remixes for heavyweight producers including Grow, Supreme-Ja., Umwelt, Mandroid, & Darxid just to name a few, here comes Santino Fernandez's turn to be revisited by some of the Electro scene's biggest signatures. A deserved consecration for the founder of Fundamental Bass Intelligence label back in 2004, and a fair reward after hours spent in the studio since 2003, working as Morphogenetic on labels such like Dona-Li Records, Subsonic Device, Twilight 76, Battery Park Studio, Crobot Muzik, Binalog Productions, and New Flesh Records, or as Ascension Électronique, his other moniker, on his highly recommended "Harmonic Defiance" album published early this year.

      A natural born raver and versatile DJ, Morphogenetic, co-founder along with his wife Starrie Williamson aka Selekta Stjarna, of, a community website to promote the style of Techno Bass created by Dynamix II and Aux 88, recorded "Techno Bass Is Back" a couple of years ago as a free gift to members who signed up to the site. Naturally, the title track "Techno Bass Is Back" opens the digital pack with Morphogenetic's original atmosphere made of emotive layers, merged with dark synth flights, 80's rhythms, powerful kick, and heading the lyrics "Techno Bass...Techno Bass Is Back!".

      This ace tune, one of many Morphogenetic classics, is swiftly followed by a heavy version from the like of legendary Dynamix II (Dynamix II, Rephlex, Joey Boy). Featuring Miami Bass pioneer Maggotron (Jamarc Records, Debonaire Records, Atlantic, Pandisc), and legendary DJ Q-Bert (Spinternal Organs, Elektro Aktive Music), Scratch D's remix is taking over the channel, going deeper into the realm thanks to mind blowing samples borrowed from DII's cult-classic "Techno Bass" hit, overwhelming beats, nasty Maggotron lyrics, and evil scratch sequences. This instant classic jam rocks hard as hell, and is an incredible payback to Morphogenetic's dedication to the music!

      Coming next is Will Web's relentless Zero One Interpretation. The Techno Bass veteran, associated with the Detroit scene (Direct Beat, Astralwerks), has been busy producing a 100% pure Electro Bass slaughter, bringing you a completely catchy remix where bubbling tones fuse with trancey strings. Another winner! Up next, Croatian DJ Xed's (Crobot Muzik, Twilight 76 Records) version combines elements mostly from Electro Funk, EDM, Techno, and early synthesizer music. The song theme is futuristic with dystopian views and spacey tones...Brilliant!

      Freshly resurrected from the past, Sbles3plex (Djax-Up-Beats, FBI Recordings), the other side project of Spanish Electro wizard Dark Vektor, continues the same line adding to the track, a meticulously complex structure with thematic vocoded vocals, deep melodies and beautiful moody synth strings. Wicked! Finally, the release closes up with DJ Di'jital's re-visitation. Influences of Detroit sounds, particularly obvious on this top notch track, characterized by the use of minimalistic tones in Aux 88 style over driving 808, hypnotic drums and old school flavored hi hats.

      Some records get a lukewarm welcome when they're out. Thanks God, this is not the case for the "Techno Bass Is Back EP", as it appeared as number 1 on Juno's ( bestseller list the first day of its release. Now you know what to do if you don't own it yet. A must have!

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