Original Console Generation ' (Vocode Electro Flip)'

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    • Original Console Generation ' (Vocode Electro Flip)'


      In September of 2010, Vocode Records released a slow acid techno groover produced by myself under the Original Console Generation pseudonym and had planned for a follow up electro remix as the b-side flip of the release. Long story short, I lost data on a laptop during a trip to Chicago without backing up and thought the mix gone save for a crap mp3 reference file.

      At some point however, I had bounced the finished song and forgotten about it - and recently found it. Mastered by D. MacKinnon of Kheperi Studios, this one's finally in it's right place, as the b-side to the original

      This isn't so much a new release as it is the completion of the original intended release. Peace and bass,