Defmix (borg009)

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    • Defmix (borg009)

      Cat # borg009

      A simple concept... Take 11 classic tracks from the 1980's, throw in the cream of todays underground Electro talent to remix said tracks, Then get a top remixer to do a megamix to top it all off, What do you get..... 12 amazing tracks with all sales donated to Charity*, and we call it DEFMIX

      *All proceeds are to be donated to Charity Registration No. 506120

      Buy the whole lp and as a thank you we will throw in a free bonus track, some Borg recordings wallpapers and large cover art.

      released 20 April 2013

      BUY HERE

      Track list

      1. Cybotron - R9 (T/Error remix) 04:53
      2. 19th Fleet - Star raid (Kik Cryounik remix) 05:39
      3. Kid Frost - Terminator (PL_anet remix) 04:48
      4. Whodini - Big mouth (Dj Skye remix) 04:25
      5. Africa Bambaataa - Planet rock (E-Rocker remix) 04:23
      6. Gary Numan - Cars (Skyborg remix) 04:50
      7. Willesden Dodgers - Gunsmoke breakout (Binalog Frequency remix) 05:12
      8. Soul sonic force - Looking for the perfect beat (Gor-D remix) 05:46
      9. Laid Back - White horse (Dj Deckstrous remix) 05:42
      10. Rockers Revenge - Walking on sunshine - Giuseppe Mereu remix) 04:12
      11. Joy Division - A means to an end (T/Error remix) 03:49
      12. John Razor Rushford - Mega Defmix
      13. Bonus track with full lp purchase