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    • How do companies get away with bootlegging stuff?

      A certain record shop in Birmingham once bootlegged Street Sounds Electro’s 1 – 10 on CD & Vinyl. The Street Beat Ultimate Breaks & Beats were also bootlegs. I know bootlegging has always gone on, but how do the bigger companies get away with it?

      The Ultimate Breaks & Beats were also re-released a couple of years ago on CD.

      I’m just curious how they get around copyright issue’s?

      Or do they just hope for the best?
    • The more underground it all is, the less to bother about. If there's no real money involved in the bootleg sales, its hardly worth the effort to legally go after small unit issues (which most of the Hip Hop ~ Electro bootlegs probably are).

      For many 80's songs, the copyrights also have been sold and re-sold to bigger companies / publishers managing tons of music catalogs of different labels and artists. I guess they just don't have the resources to have an eye on possible bootlegs involving their copyrights. Unless someone hits them to it ...and it's a big one.

      I doubt any real big company would consciously do bootlegs though.