Noise & Noise "Supernova" (Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings 005)

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    • Noise & Noise "Supernova" (Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings 005)

      Noise & Noise "Supernova" (Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings 005)

      01. Supernova1 02:54
      02. Supernova2 04:06
      03. Supernova3 03:02
      04. Supernova4 03:28
      05. Supernova5 04:27
      06. Supernova6 02:55
      07. Supernova7 02:06
      08. Supernova8 03:49


      "Supernova" is the first overseas artist of Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings, and this is also the first release as an album format of the label. 8 tracks produced by Noise&Noise who lives in Beijing are calm, cold and ferocious Experimental Electro like a supernova explosion in the universe. With this release, Noise&Noise has joined Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings. Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings will spread their electro sound from Tokyo and Beijing to the world.

      "Supernova" は Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings 初の海外アーティスト起用した作品であると共に、これまたレーベル初のアルバムリリースとなる。北京在住の Noise&Noise の手による8トラックは、まさに Supernova (超新星)が爆発によって真空を切り裂くように咆哮しているかのような、淡々としながらも冷やかに、そして猛々しさをも感じられる Experimental Electro に仕上がっている。また、この作品によって Noise&Noise を新メンバーとして迎え入れた Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings は、今後更に強力に、東京と北京を中心とした Electro を世界へと広げていくことになるだろう。



      "Wicked raw Chinese freshness that reminds me of the times when the new school of Electro was new and exciting. Supernova 5 is my favorite, followed by 2 and 3."
      Matthias M. Weise (Dominance Electricity)


      "Every genre of music needs its rebellious, quirky terrorists to keep it from going stale. For electro, Noise and Noise is one of those guys. There are countless artists influenced by Drexciya but few manage to strike the balance between being loyal to Drexciya's sound and not sounding like a carbon copy or wannabe - he takes that influence and builds on it and sounds like nothing else. Ever wondered what a Chinese horror robot's night terror sounds like? Grab this. Excellent release."
      Bass Agenda


      Cat. No: TEBR-005
      Produced by Noise&Noise

      Mastered by Li chao (Zaliva-D)

      Cover design by Yoshihiro Hayashi
    • Here's the review I wrote:

      Noise&Noise - Supernova LP - Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings TEBR-005

      It seems like TEBR is getting into its stride with an outings rhythm of one release per month. Following Yoshihiro Hayashi's EP in april, Chinese wizard Noise&Noise signs his inaugural album on the Japanese electro imprint. This prolific artist hailing from Beijing is not a newcomer on the electro scene, having already published numerous albums between the years 2011-2012 including “Technology and Civilization” on US Transient Force, or "Civilization" & "Square Kilometre Array" on french label Antizero.

      Dancefloor friendly yet experimental, the eight tracks of his brand new "Supernova" opus venture into apocalyptic lands, combining industrial synthesizers, evil sonorities and wild beats. Influences of Zhang Hue Feng come from the Detroit area (from Dopplereffekt to Arpanet, passing through Drexciya), but his dark style, made of cold melodies and clinic distortions, remains personal, pushing the boundaries of an often too rigid genre.

      Filled with retrofuturism, the album merges horrorific tones to unhealthy atmosphere comprise of paranoiac and psychotic components to bring closer to Bulgarian Petar Tassev aka Manasyt's style (Touchin'Bass, Roulette Rekordz, Bunker) if you know what I mean. Although the energetic cuts might sound freestyle, "Supernova" appears as an intricate star with very structured architecture.

      If luminous yet powerful "Supernova 1" to "Supernova 4" are focused on the dance-floor, the other tunes reveal a successful experi-mental approach feed with deeper electronica flavors, shuffling a driving shock wave after a stellar Supernova explosion in space.

      Causing a burst of radiation that will no doubt outshines the entire electro galaxy thanks to sparse electro funky touchs over metallic hammering and harsh beats, this serious and inspiring album will guaranty circles on the dancefloor. Another surprising and essential release from the TEBR camp!

      Digital, experimental electro