R.I.P. Tyrone Brunson

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    • R.I.P. Tyrone Brunson

      Apparently Tyrone Brunson has passed away.

      Fringe soul man TYRONE BRUNSON has died. The bassist, songwriter, producer, arranger and vocalist died in his home town, Washington DC on 25th May.

      BRUNSON is best remembered for his 1983 chart hit, 'The Smurf'. The catchy instrumental was taken from his debut album 'Sticky Situation' which was issued on the Columbia subsidiary, Believe In A Dream Records. BRUNSON released three more LPs before working with LEVERT as backing vocalist. In the 90s he quit the music business, becoming an IT instructor.

      "The Smurf":

      "Sticky Situation":

      Bassist, Singer, Songwriter and Producer Tyrone Brunson, hailed from Washington, D.C.
      He played in local funk bands in the 70's, most famous of them Osiris. In 1982 he was signed to the Columbia-distributed Believe In A Dream. His first single, the instrumental "The Smurf", tapped into what was then a New York dance craze, and the song won international club recognition. But when the smurf trend cooled, so did Brunson. He did not followed the success of this single although he released three albums through the 80's. Later he did background vocals for Levert. He went on to become teacher of computer networking.


    • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z3zoVdS9n78

      check the comments. RIP

      Nicholas McDonald 4 days ago

      hey this is my blood uncle who just passed away saturday May 25th 2013 his memorial service was held on saturday June 1st 2013 and I really would love to have this video for the family! If there's any way you can send me a copy of this video it would mean the world to me!!!?!!! [noparse]fyerboi05@yahoo.com[/noparse] please and thank you!!