PT002 | Dekode - Dying Star

  • At the end of 1978 the first mutated subjects came out of their capsules and breathed in unpleasant and somewhat heavy air of Pripyat laboratory. They were individuals with an unusual appearance. With their pale skin, bright red eyes and completely smooth skin they reminded one of visitors from distant space. Beneath the pale skin they were hiding the mechanisms an ordinary man could only dream of – the Soviet science endowed them with the shape-shifting abilities with a sole purpose – infiltrating the enemy rows. The scientists eliminated subjects' empathy by genetic programming in the earlier stages of the project, and to their infiltration skills added ability to kill...


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    Artist: Dekode
    Title: Dying Star
    Label: Pripyat Recordings
    Catalog #: PT002
    Format: Digital (WAV, MP3, FLAC)
    Release Date: 2013-07-16


    01 | Lost Transmission
    02 | Dying Star
    03 | Lost Transmission (Nonima Remix)
    04 | Dying Star (Datacrashrobot Radiation Remix)

    This release also includes PDF digibook that contains a story about the cruelty of human nature, rejecting everything it no longer considers profitable...

    // CREDITS

    © 2013 Pripyat Recordings.
    Tracks "Lost Transmission and "Dying Star" written and produced by Darko Kolar [Dekode] & reworked by Tam Ferrans [Nonima] and Sorin Paun [Datacrashrobot].
    Mastered by Chris McCormack.
    Cover artwork by Gogxon [].
    Layout design by Nanomorph.

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