Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 - Black Pukee 2x12" Album

  • Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 - Black Pukee 2x12" Album

    Bunker, Creme Org., Mathematics to name a few labels, who Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1, the man from cologne, releases his output the last years. After the Ep The Exaltics meets Elec P.1 early 2013, Solar One Music is happy to announce his fantastic Longplayer ''Black Pukee''. 12 tracks on the edge of early Dark Jackin Acid, Chicago House and uncompromising Underground Techno and you can clearly hear his passion for the purest 303 Sound. Double LP presented in full printed cover artwork. ARE U READY FOR GEHM? Cd Digipack with 2 Bonus tracks. Limited to 100 Copies!!!…ndreas-gehm-aka-elec-pt-1

    Special package available... 2x12" + CD inkl. 2. bonus tracks + T-Shirt + Andreas Gehm Energy drink


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  • Review:

    Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 - Black Pukee - Solar One Music SOM024 CD
    To be Acid or not to be. If your are one of those TB 303 addicts, prolific Andreas Gehm aka Elec Pt.1 (Abstract Acid, Creme Org., Mathematics) has cooked for you a refine and copious album full of those loops you enjoyed back in the early 90's. As a dignified heir of the Acid House pioneers Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knucles, Robert Owens, Tyree, Fast Eddie, Adonis or Jack Frost, the German producer has made his first musical steps in 2006 distilling his obsessive yet unique vintage style on labels such like Bunker, Snuff Trax and Panzerkreuz.

    Height months after the "The Exaltics Meets Elec Pt.1" release, the man from Cologne returns on SOM this time with a full length LP, half way between electro and techno, featuring twelve Acid House influenced tracks to be played on illegal parties. After a short overture scanning "Gehm Technique", "Black Pukee" propels the listener twenty years back, introducing with rollin "1000 Miles" a magnificent Hardfloor like track where twirls of TB combine to uncompromising underground 4/4 rhythm.

    "Shake your Acid" coming next serves up a wonderful Chicagoan cut straight from the late 80's enhanced with housey lyrics, old school touches and raw acid bass lines. Sexy Rave style "Xpress URself" sounds like another winner thanks to hot orgasms, heading claps and percussive sequences for the dancefloor. Instantly following is "The Fyrst Time ", a pure warehouse anthem made of a well cadenced bassline over looping vocals, reminding of Armando or Maurice. Wicked!

    Absolute killer "It Feels So" (released also on the highly recommended "SOM Compilation 5") revisits haunting Twin Peaks TV series theme to inject infamous sexy female vocals saying "It feels so good". Top notch! Emotional "I Don't Dare" and "The Road Not Taken" offer retro acid house tonalities from Chicago, merging TB 303 loops to TR 808 drums while lyrics invite you to jack your body on a circle. Sublime!

    If "Acid House Music" is to bring closer to Mike Dunn style thanks to its acidic yet untouchable melodies, electroisch "In My Dreams" and its orchestral atmosphere focuse on deeper sounds. Hypnotizing "Cologne Dayz" delivers a relentless hit full of percussive drums and groove. Finally, playing with words, funny "Gehm Over" (for Game Over), offers another demonstration of the German artist humour and mismatching.

    Andreas is not too serious except when it comes for music. Never parodying nor imitating his famous predecessors, he pursuits the musical work they created back in the days and makes it evolve like it should be, showing an unlimited respect and a vibrating tribute to Acid House music. An awesome opus from A to Z reminding of some Classic choons from 1988 to 1994! Hands in the air, we're definitively back in the 90's and not ready to leave this glorious era... old school moments that sign one of SOM best releases!

    2x12, Ltd CD, & Digital, electro

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