• CRZKNY - NUCLEAR / ATOMIC [TEBR-006] (Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings)

    1. world
    2. Digital Nation Sound
    3. cold X
    4. Hunter
    5. Swagger
    6. System
    7. Bio Combat
    8. never end
    9. Electric Weapon
    10. Resistance
    11. enemy of me

    Digital release on http://tokyo-electro-beat-reco…m/nuclear-atomic-tebr-006

    Label: Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings
    Cat.No: TEBR-006
    Release: Aug 15, 2013

    "NUCLEAR / ATOMIC" is an album produced by CRZKNY who is based in Hiroshima, Japan. This release includes 11 tracks with a mixture of sorrow and anger from a serious theme. These tracks have a strong message and expressive sounds, so this release reminds us of Underground Resistance, Drexciya and Radioactive Man. In Japan, he is a well-known Juke/Footwork producer. But he will show his great talent also in Electro not only in Juke.


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    Promo Mix: soundcloud.com/tebr-006/tebr-006-promo-mix


    Industrial Electro Beats! Music for Terraformers on LV426 in the not too distant future. Tuff!

    - Bass Junkie


    (In Japanese) こういう高速エレクトロは希少。CLONE傘下のFrustrated Funkレーベルや、Paul Blackfordのラインかな。でももしかして2013年現在ではオンリーワン?僕はJUKEセットに取入れます。

    - D.J. Fulltono (Booty Tune)


    It's awesome

    - Noise&Noise (Tokyo Electro Beat Park)


    (In Japanese) 祈り、暴走、エレクトロな核融合。新機軸なビートでJUKEなCRZKNYとは一味違うアトミック・コンピ第2弾!

    - stabilo (speaker gain teardrop)


    Excellent album from CRZKNY.. Radioactive appreciations from London.. My favourite is 'Never End' will be playing in my set for sure!

    - Radioactive Man


    I was first introduced to CRZYKNY's music just a few weeks ago. If you are going to call yourself CRZY (crazy) you need to live up to the name - and he does. High BPM, pounding grooves and twisted and often complex melodies are the flavour here. Some tracks feature sometimes emotive Detroit-esque synths but there is no doubt the aim of the game here is to get people out of their seats. Great stuff!

    - Bass Agenda


    This is one of those releases that I sit back after listening to and say "Fuck! I wish I'd written that!" It combines the dark spacey atmospheres of Drexciya with the fast pace of genres like Juke and Ghetto Tech, the result? One word - awesome. I love it, I wish there were more people out there pushing this style of Electro instead of just rehashing the same old shit that we've all heard before over and over. I'll be dropping Bio Combat and Electric Weapon in the next mixes I do for sure. Keep your eye on this artist!

    - Paul Blackford


  • Here's my review guys :)

    CRZKNY - Nuclear / Atomic - Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings TEBR-006
    Tokyo Electro Beats Records returns with his 2nd full-length album, this time from the like of infamous CRZKNY (Dubliminal Bounce), exploring the darker side of human nature as he delivers his mind blowing Juke/footwork electro style in eleven anti-nuclear tunes.

    Succeeding to Noise&Noise, the Japan artist serves up a nasty opus where UK breakbeat and Detroit techno influences sweat through the keyboards of his instruments. In overture of "Nuclear / Atomic", post-apocalyptic "World" instantly immerses the listener into a bubbling chaos, a kind of Armageddon giving the tone of an album definitively not for the fainted hearts.

    Based upon a relentless robotic tempo, heading "Digital Nation Sound" merges emotive yet insane synth melodies to eerie frequencies.

    "Cold X" coming next delivers a metaphysical jam on a frantic experimental rhythm while "Hunter", with its ethereal Detroitish reminiscences, focuses on deeper tonalities.

    Back for more body action on the dancefloor with untouchable "Swagger", a crazy musical turbulence a la Aphex Twin that could easily be used as a movie soundtrack.

    Keeping the pressure alive, gloomy "System" combines industrial lines to killer and epileptic rhythm, some disturbing distortions appearing by the middle of the track. Ace!

    Brainwashing "Bio Combat" maintains the paranoia with hypnotic beats underpinning a series of spaced out melodies that gather intensity as the tune progresses.

    Well cadenced "Never End" contains intricate lyrics over loud subwoofers. Pieces like groovy "Electric Weapon" and distorted "Resistance" are set into emotion.

    Short final track "Enemy of me" mixes agonizing synth works to a refine electro - downtempo rhythm, depicting a disillusioned vision of the future. With "Nuclear / Atomic", CRZKNY escapes from the current trends in electro music thanks to an assemblage of abstract waves and synthetic collages comprised of intricate samples or despair beats.

    Collection of unusual and immersive tracks, this album represents a truly unique electronica offering a reference amongst the oceans of artists following this similar genre. The overall album is darkly beautiful, efficient and dancefloor at the same. Must have!

    Digital, experimental electro

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