Knights Of The City (FULL MOVIE!!) (Download Link/Youtube???!!) (1986)

  • Hey!

    Andy80's here!!

    I was just wondering if anybody has a download link to the rare 1986 hip hop/electro movie: "Knights Of The City". The movie was similar to the 1985 movie: "Krush Groove" with similar artists featured like the Fat Boys, KC (from KC & The Sunshine Band), Kurtis Blow, etc. I've searched and searched for that movie and no luck. There are clips on youtube but no full movie?? :"( If anybody has this lost and uncommon 80's movie, please put a comment below showing a download link to the movie! Or if you guys have a youtube channel, please upload the full movie!! I would really appreciate it as well as for other fans of the movie who are searching very hard for it!!


  • I'm from America so that type of currency is in Europe. Thank you for asking that. But does anybody have a download link or just upload it on youtube. I don't think it's that hard to upload a rare full movie to youtube. Any more help is much appreciated!! :)

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  • i think r3d3 want to say, that he turned it off after 11 minutes cause the movie is shite

    if we speak about funny, maybe cheesy 80's movies with rap or breakdance scenes...anyone have the movie Delivery Boys to upload on youtube?

  • Ok the film is from the 80's and sometimes things dont age so good.... but Knights of the city would have been pure cheese on its release date ! got off toc a good start with Shannon Let The Music play then dropped like a led balloon

    Beat Street is corny but the clothes and styles from that movie are as sharp today as they were 30 years ago.

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