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    11 songs nearly 60 minutes of full tilt Audio!


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    Ohverclock - Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Slave - CHP Recordings
    CHP inaugurates the genuinely refreshing debut album of Ohverclock! Six months after their first highly acclaimed (and free!) "Follow Know One" E.P., the duo comprised of infamous Adam "GROW" Wilson and half of Code Rising Ryan "Kounterakt" Phillips, has teamed up again to bring you this amazing brand new UFO!

    Known for their respective post-electro, nu-tech-industrial sound aesthetic, both artists have been involved with well-respected and baddest Electro labels such as CHP, Devine Disorder, Crobot Muzik or Monotone USA since their inception: today they prove once more that they have no rival when it comes to leading you into unsecured zones, and unhealthy territories! Nearly 60 minutes of pure Electro Bass noir cyborgy in the straight prolongation of Jackal & Hyde or Ghosts In The Machine's musical works, devastating "Land Of The Fee, Home Of The Slave" reveals an epic odyssey through industrial and syncopated genres, cooking all these ingredients together to serve up something very spicy.

    A collection of eleven majestic tunes sticked to the "Man + Machine" vision of Electro, the breathtaking CD kicks things off with insidious "Suggestions". A mash up of relentless drums, gloomy layers and scary vocals, reinforced by an intriguing production, this milestone of a track sets the tone of an opus showcasing Ohverclock's ambition to fill dancefloors in their own unique way. Such an impressive overture! The propulsive, spaced out tech-tronic blast of "Subdermal Surveillance", with additional production from Lethal Agent (Bass Frequency Productions, Dona-Li), signs a futuristic cut where Volsocish vocals merge with naughty distorted sounds over a heavily slick bassline. Play it loud!

    Things start to warm up on the twisted "H.O.T.S (Home Of The Slave)", a downtempo yet irresistible song made of industrial synths, devil lyrics a la NIN dealing with aliens and hypnotic layers. Bass is seeping over the track like a lava in fusion along the sides of a gigantic and awake volcano. Dark as hell! "Thrive" coming next turns into an Electrocore masterpiece in its own and typical signature. Combination of untouchable lyrics, powerful beats and insane programming, this jewel progressively takes control of your mind to invite you in a circle. Funky Electro Bass "All The Way Down" gathers all the components you would expect from a massive Miami anthem: female lyrics, frantic scratches parts, driving 808 and sporadic cut-up samples of old school classics ("Electric Kingdom" from Twilight 22 for instance). Ace! Slowing down the rhythm but increasing the temperature, deep "Colonization", instantly following, brings the musical purpose back into horrific references, taking the album to another direction and level.

    Based upon low frequencies and amazing Sci-Fi sequences, raw "We The Rockstarz", originally produced by GROW & BFX (Made From Concentrate, Crush), appears in a completely revisited version, sounding like a much anticipating affair where a massive vocoder makes its way through spooky synth flights. Propelled by a solid orchestration, surrounded by darkness, fueled with subversive tones, and lit up by some serious hydraulic Electro-Techno, this is no doubt one of the album's best tracks! While short "Novabrain" maintains the pressure with a sinister melody, nightmarish "Suffercate" delivers an oppressive hit made of delays and movie extracts: venomous, haunted and obscure. Another inescapable mayhem taken from the album! The duo flirts with a glitchy sound on percussive "Follow Know One 2.0", an unreleased edit where they manage to reinvent the original tune with dystopian and mechanical bass drops. Finally downtempo "Society Control" closes the long player with a menacing Sci-Fi jam full of cutting edge arpeggios, cinematic samples and mind-warping sound manipulations.

    If you are into Analog To Future and Kronos Device material, you really should hear this! Overall, evil "Land Of The Fee Home Of The Slave" appears as a perfectly orchestrated chaos, where Ohverclock brilliantly succeeds to inject soulful and warm tones into the coldness of their machines. A real tour de force in what will remain as a must have, and proper underground Electro album!

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