Record review | Plaster - Nemesis EP - Touchin’ Bass TB042

  • Crystal clear music, Sci-Fi sounds, digital bleeps, clinical yet catchy melodies, roaring silence and breaks, cutting edge beats... For those that appreciate electro with dastardly dark styles, the "Nemesis EP" from Plaster will not disappoint you, quite the contrary.

    Starting his musical career back in 2008, the Italian duo comprised of Gianclaudio Hashem Moniri and Giuseppe Carlini, has since released a good number of solid records on infamous and prestigious labels such as Stroboscopic Artefacts, Unoiki, and Kvitnu.

    Their brand new four tracker on Andreas Parker's Touchin' Bass imprint kicks off with "Walking On Deodron", an amazing piece of electro glitch. The track leaves no escape for the listeners because of its creepy pressure cleverly built on metallic tones over a groovy synth line that suits perfectly to Touchin' Bass artistic direction.

    Going deeper into the realm, electronica "Alight To The Earth" coming next sounds like another unforgettable moody track made of eerie tones and hypnotic sequences. There’s in some parts a subtly menacing edge to the futuristic soundscapes depicted in Plaster's music, this threat is particularly obvious on that track!

    On the flipside, "Signals From A Gold Sky" hypnotizes with its linear, deep and urban atmosphere that presages something even stronger.

    Finally, haunting "Reflex In The Gloom" concludes the 12" with crispy tones coupled with sparse futurist melodies over powerful 4/4 rhythm reminiscences. One of the EP's climax.

    Combining various styles, from downtempo beats to more compelling rhythms, dark "Nemesis" serves up an eclectic EP half way between electro and techno registers, playing on different emotions, tempos and registers. Ace! Watch out for the next Touchin' Bass, release (TB043: Present Tense), a promising double vinyl compilation of original tracks from worldwide regular signatures and new friends of the label.

    12" & Digital, electro /

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