b-boy documents 1st nov London

  • I went to this last friday a cafe venue with an upstairs they have decorated the walls with blow ups of old flyers for jams , articles and quotes from people relating to back in the day

    The walls brought back a few memories of jams I went to then to top it off they few a cracking jam upstairs too

    if you get a chance to go to one of the events here this month don't miss it and maybe take your camera too !

  • I went to the B-Boy documents discussion with david toop last night - the author of rapattack - the 1984 published bible of hip hop from back in the day

    the night started with an old school set and then we settled down to 2 and a half hours of interview, questions and discussion with David Toop

    it was a packed cafe with plenty of old school homeboys in there including rodney P members of the sindecut and Family Qwest as well as zulu nation members

    It was one of those nights that you simply had to be at - pure knowledge

    anyway I took my camera and got some pictures mostly of the flyers from the old jams I went to

    I've tried to upload some photos but I need a url anyone know how to upload from an album on my hard-drive ?

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