[TEBR-008] AE35 - Underdrain EP

  • AE35 - Underdrain EP [TEBR-008] (Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings)

    1. Underdrain (Black)
    2. Underdrain (Red)

    Digital release on http://tokyo-electro-beat-reco…um/underdrain-ep-tebr-008

    Label: Tokyo Electro Beat Recordings
    Cat.No: TEBR-008
    Release: Oct 30, 2013

    "Underdrain EP" is new release by AE35 after a long time. It includes 2 minimal-dark electro tracks which reflect his recent DJ play. "Black" is ghetto bass and "Red" is Detroit-style electro. Including 12 bonus tracks for remix.


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    Bonus Tracks for Remix: http://soundcloud.com/tebr-008/sets/tebr-008-bonus-tracks/
    Please send me your remix for forthcoming release "Underdrain Remixes".


    (In Japanese) Underdrain!!!!Blackの高速エレクトロにまずぶっ飛ばされる!! 808の低音がしっかり暗黒キープな感じで攻めまくってて爆音でフロア殺す気120%。 RedのハードなBeatも超sexy。間違いなく俺が憧れ夢見てるディストピア具合。
    決してオーバーグラウンドに媚びない強烈な意思。Stay Underground!!!!!!! AEさんたちTEBPが存在する限り、世界のE.L.E.C.T.R.O.は決して無くならない。
    個人的にもCRZの「Absolute Shitlife」収録のJuke Kit使用してもらってて JukeとElectroがまた勝手に繋がったところも超!!!!!!!!! ぐだぐだ書いたけど、単純に、カッコイイ音聴きたかったら「Underdrain」を聴け!!!

    - CRZKNY


    Sounds dope, bangin beats, dirty bass, nice melodies, my kind of electro! :|]

    - DJ Xed (Crobot Crew)


    excellent release by AE35 , probably i should gamble on red or on black ... well can't decide , perfect production and arrangements , big plus for bits and pieces from song so you can spin your own roulette ;) as e.honda saying be quick and grab this release ! keep on working good stuff guys !

    - Alavux


    "Underdrain (Red)" played by DVS NME at Dark Science Electro on B.A.S.S. Radio - 10/25/2013 by DVS NME


    I played Underdrain (Red) last night at Moonfest and it sounded great! Great job!

    - GROW (CHP Recordings / Ohverclock)


  • Here's the review, happy freaks :)

    AE35 - Underdrain EP - Tokyo Electro Beats Records TEBR-008
    Since his last "Electric Sunrise EP" on French seminal label Fdb Recordings back in 2007, AE35 was quite discrete on the electro scene, distilating rare and sparse tunes on Crobot Muzik or TEBR. Today the Japanese wizard returns on the label he manages with long time partners Ichiro Ijuin aka Baxim and Yoshihiro Hayashi to serve up the long awaited brand new release "Undertrain", containing two variations of a same track plus 12 bonus samples taken from the songs!

    Kicking of the digital pack with "Underdrain (Black)", the Tokyo based artist showcases his Detroit electro influences thanks to a frantic booty rhythm. Sounding like an energyzing affair, an immersive trip into Yosuke Ikeda's funky ghetto bass roots, the tune offers spicy drums over heading claps and loopy vocals while a severe rhythm takes hold of your body. Ace!

    "Underdrain (Red)" madness, immediately following, recycles the main theme of the previous track but this time, the tempo is fully electro with sharp yet distorted 808 style programming and bubbling sequences. Underpinned by a loud yet powerful bassline over aggressive drums and sexy female whispers, the robotic jam, reminding some of SEM or Sbassship works respectively on Electron Industries and Dominance Electricity, turns into an instant classic when a deep and synthetic electro melody appears in the middle of the track. Fantastic!

    The E.P. comes completed with a hot collection of 12 useful samples, from beats to strings passing through voices to be reused into remixes or to be played as loops in a mix. These are tracks and extracts that just can't be ignored. Massive!

    Digital, electro

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