Which studio monitors do you use?

  • I only mix with my headphones (AKG K701) and I'm looking into buying some decent studio monitors.. Only thing is... there are so many of them! :)

    I'm pretty interested in the Yamaha HS80M.

    That's why I'm curious what you guys use. Oh yeah, my room isn't acoustically treatened..

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  • Hi M.C.U.

    I have a pair of Yamaha -HS80M and i like them pretty much, i still have a lot to learn when it comes to mixing and mastering but i have to say that these babys making my life pretty much easier.

    I would say go for it, most of the good guys when it comes to Audio-engineering say that they are very good.

    I paid around 500 Euros about one year ago so they are not so expensive at all.

    +1 from me.


  • Hey Keruba

    Just bought the monitors, and they sound amazing! I will spend a lot of hours smiling in my studio :)
    Merry Christmas and happy new year dude!

    Electro is the SF of music !

  • No problem, Mate.

    What iv`e learned through practicing is that i tend to mix too bass heavy, from what ive heard from a friend of mine that this is a mistake that make most of the people.

    I would keep that in mind.#

    Happy Mixing.


  • I have a pair of Fostex PM-1's but will be using headphones more in the future (kids asleep)
    Any recommendations for a good pair to monitor with?

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  • I would recommend a pair of AKG k 240, i have mine for about five years now and they are still awesome.

    With this Headphones you hear everything, but i`m not sure if they are still built today. Well there are Mk II, whatever that means, hopefully the same technology under another hood.

    And this one is a real helper too....


    It`s free, you just have to register, Although i would see it as an addition to your monitors, maybe try it out in the night, play around with it and then just go through it another day.

    I like the fact that these plugins are made today but in the end it is necessary to have a pair of monitor-speakers.


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