full video: Hashim Al-Naafiysh

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    Video directed by Geoffrey Stern.


    get down to my technique

  • wow !!

    all these years and i never even knew there was a video for al naafiysh

    even more I didn't know it was filmed on the tube system

    those 40p ticket machines take me back a few years !!!!

  • WOW!!
    Amazing to know there was a video made, although not official it is very cool.
    Many times the UK was feelin' overseas stuff and accepted it better than the US.

  • This is not an official 'Al Naafiysh' video...

    Jerry a.k.a. Hashim wrote: "Just to make sure everyone knows. This is not an official Hashim Al-Naafiysh (The Soul) video. That's not me Hashim anywhere in the video."

  • great tune and video, even its not an official video.
    I think the tune is a bit worn out like planet rock, but in combination with this video it got some plays again in my speakers.

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