epmd live at the forum 4th april

  • Nice line up , well Nice and Smooth are ............ Monie Love not so.

    EPMD were brilliant live when i saw them in 1988 and did 2 dope albums.

    Live from TTO studios

  • looking forward to getting to this one

    i think epmd are playing manchester the same week too - just in case you're interested

    how was the holiday by the way ?

  • New York was unbelievable, what a place.

    Already talking about going back next year.

    Will check on EPMD in Manchester.

    Live from TTO studios

  • not surprised at all mate - I loved it when I went - what was the best thing you did ?

    epmd on in mancland on 5th april - it doesnt say who the guests are though

  • Loved it all pal but the Helicopter tour around Manhattan was something else, flying over the Yankee Stadium and the South Bronx was 8)

    Live from TTO studios

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