E:\music\Electro Podcast 005

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    E:\music\Electro Podcast 005

    01. E.P.G. feat. Ion Pulsar - Time To Change [City Beat]
    02. PHONOTRONIX™ - Gotye Remix [Unreleased]
    03. Mike Ash - Back To The Oldskool [Binalog Productions]
    04. Magnetic Bass Force - The Mighty Computor Power [Devine Disorder]
    05. Mike Ash - Inject The Beat [Bass Agenda]
    06. PL_anet - I Am A Robot [Bass Agenda]
    07. Projekt Mada - Amphetamine Addiction [Elektropunkz]
    08. Cody Commando - Corporation Collar [Elektropunkz]
    09. DJ Mirage - Omega Centauri [Borg]
    10. Newcleus - Jam On It (DJ Xed Remix) [Crobot Muzik]
    11. Invisible Rockers Crew - Crater (Galaxy Rock) [Electro Avenue]
    12. Afrika Bambaataa and the Soul Sonic Force - Indian Planet Rock [Berger Music]
    13. The Egyptian Lover - Keep It Hot [Egyptian Empire]
    14. Detroit In Effect - Detroit Party Train [M.A.P.]
    15. Darxid - Excellent Day [Battery Park Studio]
    16. N-ter - Space Funk [Twilight 76]
    17. R21 - Dr. Who Theme (TaR21dis recut) [Unreleased]
    18. Edemski - Self Test (Eightball rmx) [Elektropunkz]
    19. Robert Cosmic - Cosmic Breaks [Battery Park Studio]
    20. Microslav - Ego [Crobot Muzik]
    21. Dagobert - Sonic Sound Of Bass [Dominance Electricity]
    22. Tellefunk - Mashina Za Ples [Crobot Muzik]
    23. Kalson - Colosseum In Tokyo [Dominance Electricity]
    24. achim.bloch - Binary [Borg]
    25. Drexciya - Digital Tsunami [Tresor]


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  • I won't achieve to top the comment of Darth Maul, so I simply type 'go-o-od'...

    Mr. M. Bärlocher
    PS: Note by myself for myself; "Why ow why do I not achieve to create such kind kind of Electro?!"

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