Don´t Stop The Bass Vol.1

  • Don't stop da bass vol. 1.


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    Some info:

    Electroclub is a underground party collective from Barcelona, Spain, created in 2003 by Spy aka The Bandit, dj and producer who began his career as a dj in nitsa in 2001, and Puke. Was done for promote local artists that plays electro in some of his known forms and techno.

    In 2014 Spy decides to release tracks for free download by the moment and loocking forward for foreigner artists and maybe release some works in vinyl in the future.

    For the first release we have the pleasure to present a 5 track v.v.a.a. compilation done with Dark Vektor, Vema and The Bandit from Barcelona and two artists from the north, Navarra. Korrupted Brothers and Kima.

    We have confirmed some foreign producers for the next release. Stay tuned!

    Electroclub Records

  • come on fellas!! ITS FREE ELECTRO!!! download it and save it on your harddisk!! :D we put lots of love to create it!!

  • Quote from dv;71201

    gracias chuki!! tu siempre estas ahi!! RESPECT BRO!!

    Siempre un placer estar contgo en cualquier trabajo !!!

    Thanks MATT !!!

  • Sorry mate !! I´ll try to reupload so ...You have all the tracks on soundcloud download free ... I hope You´ll like it !!

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