Model Citizens >> The Loud Minority EP (12") Fdb02_10

  • Hey Hey Bass heads its finally on its way !!

    After 2 silent years I have return from a long journey through out the cosmos and managed to record those further far strange sounds that we like to call E-E-lectro... :P

    This time I have the great pleasure to present Phil Klein & Matt Whitehead together as "Model Citizens"


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    Design by GRAFFLEX

    Till Bass Do Us Part... :borg:

  • Here's the review by Nexus6

    Celebrating the tenth release of the French mighty label Fdb Recordings, associated this time with Paris located records shop Toolbox, Bass Junkie (Breakin', Touchin'Bass) has teamed up with Matthew Whitehead (Perc Trax Limited, Rebel Intelligence) to introduce the debut EP of their brand new musical band Model Citizens.

    The unexpected duo knows exactly how to blow up a crowd when it comes to deliver hot and funky music! Both artists have been in the electro business for a long time now: the first one founded the infamous Battle Trax label in 1996 and is considered as one of the electro pioneers in the UK; the second is the partner in crime of Sync 24 on the Signal Type project.

    Two years after Maggotron and Debonaire's mighty 12" "The Rise Of Bass Planet", "The Loud Minority EP" delivers three mind-blowing jams from the oh-so-holy alliance based upon devastating beats, low frequencies, old schoolish touches, magnificent programming, and nasty vocoder. Untouchable "Drive" opens the A side with astonishing 808 drums a la Egyptian Lover while an intriguing melody commands your body. Building slowly but firmly its infectious atmosphere around attractive vocals, the song progressively spreads lethal Sci-Fi FX before a terrifying synth line blows your mind forever. Moving fast like a speeder crossing those futuristic cities depicted by SciFi authors such like Philip K. Dick, or Maurice G. Dantec, this instant classic will cause severe trauma on the dancefloor, trust me!

    Coming next is funky "Mega Squid Vs Monster Octopus", a classic electro charmer fusing with genius vintage tonalities, distorted laughs and discrete vocoders. Forged into 808, this milestone of a funny tune will appeal both to your soul and memory, bringing you back in 1985. If you played to Streets Of Rage, this could be the soundtrack of a secret level in the Sega game.

    Final cut "Celestial Mechanics" focuses on the dancefloor with darker tones, bubbling lines reminding of SEM and flying melodies. Half way between old and new school electro, this deluxe smasher characterized by orchestral moments, retro futuristic sequences and captivating patterns, offers some timeless vocoderized lyrics singing "I Can See The Light". Another monster of a track on this collectible piece of vinyl guarantee to put you in a circle!

    Although they had a separate destiny during their musical career, this is not the first time these talented artists work together. Electro veteran Phil Klein, along with Simon "Dexorcist" Brown under their codename Gods Of Technology, remixed a Signal Type cut in 2007 on Cultivated Electronics. Hopefully "The Loud Minority" will inaugurate a long series of releases from Model Citizens. Outstanding Custom 12" sleeve artwork was done once again by digital pencil wizard Grafflex from Korea, who worked on the previous FDB cover as well.

    Must have!

    ###############THANKS MATE!!######################

    Till Bass Do Us Part... :borg:

  • Because of a cover printing problem "The Loud Minority EP" is on hold...

    Quality takes time.. as would say Egyptian Lover :cylon:

    Till Bass Do Us Part... :borg:

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