[LEKLP 002] LektroiD - Quantum Theory

  • Due to the massive success of the last album, I have spent the past two years crafting my brand new Deep Melodic Electro album, LektroiD - Quantum Theory.

    Countless hours and many sleepless nights have been spent ensuring every last detail exceeds expectation, from the passion behind the musicality to the cover art photography.

    There are many exclusive tracks which I have kept unrevealed for this album, and also re-workings of earlier unreleased tracks which have stood the test of time and hopefully continue forward to make this album a timeless masterpiece.

    I would like to pass on my immense thanks to everyone who has supported me so far… Every penny (and more) has gone back into hand crafting the music equipment featured on this album, to create the captivating and innovative sounds.

    I hope everyone can continue to support me as an artist by grabbing yourself a copy from any online mp3 stores I have it available in. Every little counts and means a great deal to me.

    Currently only on Bandcamp, I'll post more links as they go live:

  • I would firstly like to say a massive thanks to all who supported me with this album. The interest has been phenomenal to say the least. I have since been interviewed on Bass Agenda, as well as many amazing web reviews online. It is now available on iTunes, Amazon, Juno, etc. However, my preferred outlet is bandcamp, for the instant gratification to the musician.

    I have also included some current shots of the setup used to create this album, as I know many of you like gear porn as much as I do.

    Bass Agenda interview:

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  • Quote from B-T-T-B;71901

    This album is sooo great. You did an amazing job here!
    Any chance to bring this on vinyl one time?
    I bet as limited edition it would soon have a really high value.

    Thanks for your kind words. I'd love to do a vinyl release, quite a few people have asked already, but I don't really have the capital to get that side of things going (I keep spending it on music gear). The business side of music has never been my strongpoint, but if there's any labels who want to license a few tracks for vinyl, please get in touch.

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