extra t's - ET boogie

  • Dunno about this one LJ,its a bit nondescript for me,doesnt seem to do anything or go anywhere. The track I have is pretty much an instrumental anyway so dunno if there is a vocal version I only have an mp3 of it though so wouldnt be able to comment too much.saying that I know it came out pretty early so am probably not giving it credit were credit is due. I also have another track by the extra t's called "I like it",but that too seems pretty much the same standard IMO :-/

  • as far as i can say, the only difference is that the vocal version has some nice vocoderized bits of "ET" thrown in from time to time.

    i really like that the song is going nowhere. imo, beat & bass alone can support the five minutes (i'm a real nerd when it comes to bass, and this one sounds so natural, rugged & raw and it is playing such a simple melody ... beautiful). it's not a pop song, but rather an extended groove with some real nice plashy, twiddly sounds going on.

    i would even compare it to an all-time favorite of mine: project future - ray gun omics ... they both perfected that roboty, choppy, staccato-like feel.


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