Supremeja - Basstronic

  • Supremeja - Basstronic (SM001)

    A new german Electro Production with many excellent Remixes by:
    Artificial Humans, Darxid, Dynamik Bass System, F8, Mike Devious, Natural Nate, Solartron

    Out now on Juno and wherever you buy digital music !!!
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    (c) 2014 Supremeja Music


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  • For those who missed the review, here it is:

    Supreme.ja - Basstronic - Supremeja Music [SM001]
    With "Basstronic", Gotthard "Bubi" Ortner (Subsonic Device, Devine Disorder Records, Cool F/X Records) puts a end to a musical silence of three years. Back to production in full effects, he returns today on his own label with a new single, completed with seven remixes from a plethora of renowned artists worldwide. The result is a heavy collection of height premium cuts with notable appearances from all around the planet to inaugurate Supremeja Music very first release!

    In overture of the digital pack, the title track serves up an adrenaline rush of Electro Bass tones with old schoolish flavors. To give you an idea, infectious vibes, subsonic bass, robotic lyrics and floating melodies will propel you in an disintegrated world inhabited by renegades fighting to survive against T2 machines.

    Rising talents Artificial Humans (Of The Mind Recordings, Zero One Music) reuse the main theme but add some synthetic twist to their rework, turning the track into a severe Techno Bass affair.

    Darxid's Breaksblast mix, coming next, picks up the pace of the original but moves it forward into sexy landscapes reminding of some of the tracks he dropped on his own Subsonic Device imprint. Pulsating bass line plus funky 80's electro touches combine to mute the jam into a successful retro piece full of hypnotic arpeggios. For Electro connoisseurs only!

    Though escaping from the musical carcan of the original, DJ Natural Nate's remix, instantly following, draws some components and structure from Supremeja's track to create a powerful cut ba(s)sed upon an over-compressed kick! Ace.

    Up on remix duty, Dynamik Bass System (Robotmachine, Dominance Electricity) signs here one of the best reworks, built upon high frequencies, hard beats, sharp drums and untouchable vocoder. Warm melodies from vintage synth strings gravitate around sub-sonic 808 rhythms, injecting a serious dose of testosterone on DBS version to cause severe damages on the dancefloor.

    After a genius intro, F8 hailing from Florida (Frajile Recordings USA) delivers with uncompromizing "Machine Kontrol RMX", a rich mixture of synths flights and energized drums, showing his skills to manipulate melodic effects with this mind bender remix!

    Faithful to the robotic aesthetic of the original while moving forward in a new direction, his compatriot Solartron (Genuine DJ Debbie D Records, Subcircuit Records) unleashes the Bass to revisit the song in a heavy electro style fueled with pounding beats, distorted lyrics, massive 808 programming alongside 4/4 elements.

    The final installment from Mike Devious (I.D.) serves up a broken down alternative version where industrial layers sorrows swirled in staggered drums and bulging bass, serving up another milestone of a remix.

    Each contributor on board this huge project has treated the main theme with a personal approach and catchy enough details to ensure you circles on the dance floor! Ranging from Miami Bass to Electrofunk and beyond, "Basstronic" serves up a great offering of perfectly balanced hits sure to please a wide audience. Must have!
    Digital, electro

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