P.E . in concert London 7th june

  • Went last night was at the the electric brixton not sure if this was the fridge perhaps someone could shed some light?
    good show with davey dmx on bass and live band Griff wasn't there but wasn't missed
    Public Enemy it's what it says on the tin

  • I was looking to go to this but didn't get there

    how 'rocky' was it - when i saw them last year they had quite a rock type sound wondered if it was the same again or whether they've reverted back a bit

  • Was a good night the last 4 times ive seen them over 10 years they've played with a band so I can assume you mean with live instruments rocky.
    the crowd was very different from every time ive seen them wasn't as packed and certainly wasn't surging forward like it has done over the years like london arena, brixton academy, the forum and im not sure what this waving the arms in the air side to side is all about lol
    took a couple of PE newbies and they enjoyed it too

  • when I saw them last year DJ lord did a dope turntable set using nirvana

    Davy DMX played a rock riff

    and PE and the band played a lot of their rockier based tunes

    was still a good set though and i would have any doubts about seeing them again

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