Good mastering company for our music ?

  • Hello all.. Good to be joining you :D

    Question: I'm guessing pretty much everyone here makes their own electro. Is it common for you guys/gals to have your tracks professionally mastered (even if you don't press to vinyl or cd) ?? If so can anyone recommend an online mastering service that is particularly good for electro (especially UK based) ?? Many thanks for reading...

  • Hey diamondetta. Not sure if you found someone yet, but we've got a mastering thing going on at the minute, aimed at Electro heads such as ourselves!
    I'm not sure how much I'm allowed to post here, as I don't wanna come across like an advert, so gimme a pm
    or something mate of you want details.
    Everyone else feel free to gimme a shout if interested. Honestly, anyone can afford this, and I'll even do a sample part of your track to make sure you're happy.

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