Meka - August 2014 feature

  • Rising Spanish Electro producer Meka records his first ever feature, blending ever so gracefully the works of fellow Spanish artists like Korrupted Brothers, Dark Vektor, Javier Morillas, and Boris Divider to name a few, as well as titles by Blastromen, Franck Kartell, Scape One, and Mr. Velcro Fastener. The artist has also featured some of his own material, so don't miss out on this incredible showcase of Spanish and International talent.

    Otherwise busy in the studio running indie Electro label Ban-Kai Records, Meka has been on a fast track to success as he proliferates his sounds and talent across Spain and Catalonia, as well as the rest of the world with what has been a fairly decent discography so far on labels like Fundamental Records, Mars Frequency, Le Galassie Di Seyfert, and Concept Records to name a few. Stay tuned as the artist is just getting his turbines warmed up, and ready for take off! Try and catch up.



    1. Franck Kartell - 90 Minutes in Heaven
    2. Eleztrik body - The Matter of fact ( Feat Darxid)
    3. Korrupter Brothers - Cleaning Soul
    4. Blastromen - Sydtroen
    5. Mr. Velcro Fastener - Electric Ampliances (Plump DJS Vocal)
    6. Scape One - Time Falls
    7. Umwelt - Select the Future
    8. MEKA - Has a Perfect beat
    9. B.Divider - Extincion Humana (Larry McCormick Remix)
    10. Dark Vektor - Touch Tomorrow (Spinks Remix)
    11. Javier Morrillas - Warriors of the mind
    12. Negocius Man - The Dark Side of Ula
    13. Mr. Kik Cryounic - Turn it up
    14. Beta-X50 - Clandestine Organization
    15. MEKA - That ! Bass !

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