Old school Electro t shirts

  • Greetings Electronauts!
    Would love to hear your opinions! I was recently looking for some old school Electro type tshirts, and was shocked at how little I could find online. I managed to get a Tommy boy logo t shirt, and a home made/transfer 'wild style' shirt. That was about it! So, as I have a small ( but professional ) tshirt screen printing set up, we've decided to do a few small runs of Electro/old school hip hop designs.
    So I wanted to ask you all, what kind of t shirt design would be most interesting to you? Would you prefer non specific stuff ( I.e- ghetto blasters, b boys, 'electro' wording etc,) or would you prefer specific band or artist logos?
    We're only gonna do VERY small runs ( maybe 10 or 20 of each ) but of course I will get permission from any artist that may be used.
    Hope to hear from y'all!!

  • Sadly and rather irritatingly it seems that 99.9% of old electro artists avoided making t shirts for some reason and still do to this very day.
    Quite staggering really when i can think of thousand underground bands who dont(or didnt at the time) even have cd's out but still have/had t shirts available with their logo or demo cover on it. A t shirt is the perfect marketing tool yet can anyone find shirts by artists such as...

    MC ADE

    ahh shit i cant even be bothered to list em... some of the best artists of all time yet they are beyond hopeless when it comes to merchandise... >:(

    As for shirt designs you could do.

    ALL THE WRECKIN CRU PICTURE COVERS ETC BY http://westcoastpioneers.com/artists/lyrrad.html

    the list is endless really. just go for it.

  • Didn't get as much interest as I hoped on this project. Weird, as I still think anyone into electro etc would proudly wear a shirt displaying their passion for the music!? So I may still give it a go. I've spoken to a few artists. Usual licencing talk, although ten at a time printed in my workshop ain't really gonna put anyone out of pocket. Except me maybe!
    Oh, one total gent has been amazing as usual. Man Parrish, and pretty much said, ' sounds great, I'm honoured. Send me a couple of shirts as payment and if they start selling bigger numbers, lets talk about it then'.
    Always a pleasure to speak to Manny.

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