ID - Grown For The Cyborgs Part 2 Remix Contest!!!

  • Coming 2014 - GFTC part 2 - The Scout Missions
    Artist List so far is as follows

    Inhuman Designed
    Code Rising
    Ascension Électronique
    Brice Kelly

    We will be looking for prob 3 more artist for this release to ad to the lineup. Contest will be chosen by a select group of peers and if you are not picked you may still release the remix on your own or it maybe selected for the 3rd or 4th part in this series. Either way it will be herd through machines =] Plus I'm having something special made for everyone who gets on the release.

    P.S. Tracks must be in the Electro dubstep. House. Jungle. Etc...ELECTRO MUSIC =]

    Deadline will be in December prob first week. Still trying to look down a due date but you have plenty of time.

    Stems are here

    Have fun with it as always =]

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